The mountains which call me are not

the Rocky Mountains, as splendid as they are.

Rather, they are small volcanic cones that

surrounded me all my life until September 2005.

Now, instead, of seeing at least some of them

on a daily basis, I only see them when I make the

400-kilometre round trip back to the farm,

once or twice each year.

Mt Shadwell…

…is located at Mortlake and is known as

the Olivine Capital of the World.

Mortlake is around a 40 minute drive from

the farm and 145 kilometres from Geelong.

Mt Warrnambool…

…is located appoximately half way

between Warnambool and Terang.

Consequently this is as close as I usually

get to this volcanic cone.


Mt Buninyong…

…is located around ten to fifteen minutes south(ish)

of Ballarat and around half an hour inland

from Geelong.

Mt Elephant

…is located roughly halfway between

Geelong and my hometown


My final image this week is one extracted from Google.

My home town (not marked) is roughly equidistant

from Tower Hill in the South

and Penshurst’s Mt Rouse in the North

Travel west, 20 or so kilomteres,

to Macarthur and you

will at the home of Mt Eccles

Mortlake is clearly marked on this image,

however, Mt Shadwell is not.


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