Still in Venice,

or more precisely Murano.

Not deep water but it certainly was everywhere.

Umbrellas were the order of the day.



A few more paces in the same direction

and these legs…

were definitely going to be wet.


Not heavy rain…

…just continuous


Water-Water-Everywhere:  #11







not often; seldom

This indeed

…a rare event for me…

…as I had previously never had the opportunity

to watch a glass blower at work.






a set of steps leading from one floor of a building to another,
typically inside the building

Two different staircases.

The regular version inside Craigdarroch Castle

on Vancouver Island,


And then stepless staircase inside The Vatican.

We were told that he public seldom see this staircase.

Not certain if true.



Perseus with the Head of Medusa~~~~~

When visiting Rome,

you do as the Romans do…

tolerate all other 220,000 visitors…


…visiting Rome each day.


We were told 80,000,000 visitors visit Rome each year.

The Trevi Fountain had its share the day we visited.

These were the best…

…people free shots I managed.

Even after twenty minutes or so of

visitors coming and going,

there had been no obvious change

to the crowd.



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Visitors