Black and White Tuesday18-0522


Black and White Tuesday


Some more from…

scenic Auckland…


and its airport.



Hope you enjoyed.




Daily Prompt-Tide


The name of this river is not known,

however it can be found

in Auckland, New Zealand.

During our Son’s wedding reception later in the year,

we were told there would be a high tide

and no muddy flats to be sighted.





Tuesday Photo Challenge



During our weekend trip to

Auckland in late February…

 I visited the Church in which

Number 1 Son will end his bachelor years

in a few months.

 We also had dinner where the

wedding reception is to be held.

Apparently during the reception there

will be a high tide and a large expanse

of water will be on display instead of this view.

 It was a quick trip.

Left home at 0530 Friday.

Dinner in Auckland Friday evening.

Engagement party Saturday evening.

Home to our abode by 1830 Sunday night.

It would need to be a very special event

to get us to make that whirlwind trip again.





I use elephants as Large Subjects.

However, this week I thought I would use

some Auckland sightings. 


These two are at Auckland Airport…

after a mad weekend celebrating

Number 1 Son’s engagement. 

Mad as in the travel  etc.  We party quietly!  🙂

Even this comparatively small plane

would be larger than many cars.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Large-Subjects



Wordless Wednesday18_0307

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The first image should read…

Around Auckland.

However, here I was at

Takapuna Beach Cafe

in Auckland…

enjoying brunch last Saturday morning.

Seems an eternity away this Saturday.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday (

Wordless Wednesday

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Black and White Tuesday18-0227


Black and White Tuesday


Some weekend images from…

the City of Sails.

Auckland, N.Z.

I’m not exactly sure what part of Auckland,

except to say that we were perched upon…

many of the volcanic craters situated in Auckland

which provided good view of all the sails

out on Saturday morning.



Hope you enjoyed.






Not my best photo. 

However it was taken as I was

surprised to see two black swans on

Lake Pupuke in the middle of Auckland

on Saturday morning.

I always thought that Australia was

the home of the Black Swan.

Still New Zealand is not that far away. 

We can share!


Thursday’s Special: Pairs