earth day


Buorke’s Luck Potholes

Blyde River Canyon

South Africa

Part of Queensland’s

Daintree Rain Forest which is the oldest

surviving rain forest in the world.

The Daintree is home to the

highest concentration of

primitive plant life globally,

with 12 of the 19 primitive flowering

plant families calling The Daintree home.

This includes Australia’s most impressive

botanical find, the idiot fruit.

Discovered in 1970, the idiot fruit

(or Idiospermum Australiense),

is one of the world’s rarest

and most primitive of all

flowering plants.


Much closer to home is the

Otway Cool Temperate Rainforest

The Otway forests have been logged

for over 150 years, however since 1961

logging has decreased.

The Great Otway National Park was

declared in 2004 when four National Parks

and several Cown Land reserves in the area

were amalgamated.






This message is sighted as you board the ferry

to cross the crocodile-infested Daintree River.

The deck was only about 2 feet above water level.

If you had seen some of these huge monsters

basking in the sun, there must be some silly people

in the world, of which I am one.

On my first night in Cairns, I wandered down to the beach,

noted that there was no one else in the water,

then walked into ankle-deep water for a minute or two.

I passed the

crocodiles; no swimming

warning as I was leaving.

The sign was strategically placed facing the water.

Technically I did not swim, however rest assured

I did not enter tropical water again.


According to Google, Rottnest Island is 33.1 kilometres

west of Perth in the Indian Ocean.


After seeing rhinos in the wild and

up close at Botswana’s,

Khama Rhino Sanctuary,

I thoouught that perhaps 100 metres

should have been the safe distance.

The message is; it’s painless

I did not find out if it was true.


An exercise completed by some

of Geelong’s disengaged youth

a few years ago.


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advance notice of something.

Whenever trains are approaching level crossings

the lights flash red to warn drivers

to stop and give way.

Whenever crossing Queensland’s Daintree River

by ferry, it’s always a good idea to

follow instructions and

remain in your vehicle.

Afterall far better to follow those

instructions than feeding the crocodiles!

Probably a sign that is recognised

the world over.

Most countries have similar signs

warning motorists of local wildlife.

This one is from Botswana…

…while this one was found in Australia.