Last night of our 2013 African Safari we met

Limpy and her Cubs.After a few swipes and bites of Mum’s tail

she told Nosy and Rosy to go tourist spotting.

Being a venturesome sort of lion

Nosy made his way down the steep hill carefully

keeping eyes wide open… in case the tourists

he had just spotted

made any sudden move.

Carefully Nosy stalks the tourists.

Rosy panics and scampers back to tell on Nosy.

Meanwhile Nosy has his eyes fixed on a hide…some

elephant dung.

Made it.


Doesn’t taste real bad either.

I wonder what those tourists are looking at?

Elephant dung?


Word of the Day Challenge: Venturesome




I never thought the difference would be so obvious…

until I visited the Melbourne Zoo after…


seeing the same animals roaming free in

Botswana and Kruger National Park.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Free



I posted this photo a few weeks ago. 

This photo was considered cute.

About three years later with Number 2 Son at the wheel

and Number 2 Son,  on the back, barely hanging on

with one little hand and waving at me with the other

as they bounced around a nearby paddock.   

They are still grumbling because I stopped them that day. 

And all I could see was a little boy who was going close

to being thrown off the back of the truck

and a driver who did not know he was

endangering his brother’s life.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Driver



Relative size of babies is interesting.

The average baby elephant weighs

around 90 kg / 200 pounds at birth.

Whereas mini us is considered big if it weighs in at 4.5 kg/10 pounds.

In 2011-2012 the average weight of an

Australian adult male was in the high 80 kgs

whereas the average weight of an

Australian female had just topped 71 kgs. 

The heaviest adult elephant weight I have

heard quoted is 13,200 pounds/6,000 kg


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Relative



Staying with the obvious this week.

Wedge Tail Eagle

A Lilac Breasted Roller in

Kruger National Park,

South Africa.

And with that expression I had to include

a member of our new Holland Honey Eater family.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Things-with-Wings