Weekly Photo Challenge-Collage



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I opted for a Nature Collage this week.

All images are nature…sometimes with

some post tweaking to enhance .





Weekly Photo Challenge-Bridge



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Seeing was I was in Botswana’s Okavango Delta last week,

I decided to stay here for this post also. 

 Before we crossed the bridge…

 over one of the Delta’s water courses…


we had to obey these signs.

And this is why.

However, it did not stop some from

clowning around for a photo.


It was also a bridge which required users

to keep a firm grip on their belongings.  

Small cameras were history if dropped.


These poles…

intrigued me until…

I realised it was the old bridge.

This looks much sturdier and

we all made it over and back again.

I have a feeling our guides drove us

over this bridge the next day.





Weekly Photo Challenge-Delta



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



While in Botswana we had the opportunity…

to take a flight over the Okavango Delta.

Even though it was late afternoon these elephants

were still opting for shade rather than sun.

Unlike many other deltas which are usually formed

where river and ocean, or lake, meet…

the Okavango Delta carries water from

Angola into Botswana where it spreads out…

to form an inland delta.


This gave us a great view of the

water and spread of the delta, while…

driving over the delta provided us with

never to be forgotten wildlife sightings.





Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Isolated-Subjects


My contribution for this week’s

Isolated Subjects


Back to Africa for some

isolated animals this week.

Don’t let the following images put you off

going on an African Safari.

Most of our sightings were much closer

than these images depict…the only

exception being the Jackal.

This is about as close as we could come to this

Black Backed Jackal.

Fairly certain this Impala is blowing a raspberry

at us as it crosses the road.

A loner zebra.

And to finish…

some isolated giraffes.

This one used to hang around our camp,

Sausage Tree Safari Camp

and peer over the fence near the gate.

She (I think) was there, or close by,

every time we went on a game drive.

She is definitely isolated from her background in this shot.




Travel Theme-Cook




Travel Theme.


Our first and only night at

Lekhubu Island in Botswana… prepared us for a week of cooking by campfire at….

several other camp sites we stopped at later during our safari.

However, it did not prepare us for…

the visitors we had at those camp sites.

The smell of our meals cooking on the campfire

drew these hyenas to within 20 feet

of where we had eaten our meal.


Where’s My Backpack: Cook






Week 81


This was the sight that greeted us

on our first morning in Botswana, 2014.

One of my favourite reflection images.

Only trouble with the above image is that it is upside down.

Note the long thin branches run down

at 45 degrees on the left hand side.

Right way up…those branches are on the RHS

and I have included a fence post in the foreground.


Pic and Word Challenge: 81 Reflections