Road Cycling…Geelong


Climbing Cheetah






Leaping Impala


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Action








Black and White Challenge.


bumps, lumps

a protuberance on a level surface.

Woodworkers hands.

Old Post.

A bumpy pole

These two bumps are Giraffe horns.

Sausage Tee Safari Camp

South Africa


A lemon









the arts and other manifestations of human
intellectual achievement regarded collectively

This young dance troupe gave us…

…a peek into their culture…

…via song and dance.

Similarly, so did these Maori dancers…

…in Rotorua,

New Zealand.






Bliss for me is being…


…able to capture Mother Nature…

…as she bids the world…


…Good Morning.


During recent years…

…I have noted that it matters not if you are in

Botswana’s Kalahari Desert…

…South Africa’s

Greater Kruger National Park…


…or 30 minutes out of Geelong…


goodnight’s are…


…equally impressive.


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:…Follow-Your-Bliss

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Leya:...Follow-Your-Bliss

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy:…Follow-Your-Bliss

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina:...Follow-Your-Bliss

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Lindy:…Follow-Your-Bliss





Images from our first African Safari

are my choice for my

Future Nostalgic Post

this week.

Our first elephant sighting in

Kruger National Park


On day 3 in Kruger National Park, we sighted this leopard.

I always said I would have gone home very happy

after this sighting.

Sausage Tree Safari Camp


Such a beautiful creature.

Limpy’s six-week-old cubs at

Sausage Tree Safari Camp

October 2013

A charcoal drawing is mounted

in our living room.


Our last morning at Sausage Tree Safari Camp

and this elephant bade us farewell

waking us at 0500 on his way

to water, I presume








African Cheetah


 Six week old

African Lion Cub







Sulphur Crest Cockatoo.












Beach sand

Dry, sandy, creek bed in South Africa.

Dune bashing

…in the Arabian Desert…


…near Dubai

Our destination at last.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge:…Sand-Dirt






The first time I saw this sight it was twilight.

I opened our front door and spied

what appeared to be a large spider

crawling up the outside of our door,

which was now inside our house.

My attempt at brushing one large spider

outside created another 20 (at least)

mini spiders crawling around my feet.

It was not until I sighted his spider that

I realised what had happened

that twilight night.



I will never forget my next two

weird and wonderful experiences.

The morning we left South Africa in 2013,

I was awoken, at 0500, by sounds of timber breaking

outside our Sausage Tree Safari Camp tent.

In the gloom, I spied an elephant making

it’s way to the waterhole, I presume.

The fence in the foreground was keeping us apart.


A similar experience occurred in

Botswana’s Okavango Delta in 2014.

However, the was no fence to keep

wildlife and tourists apart.

We were sharing the same camping ground.

To make matters more interesting,

the following night we had just turned in

for the night when a passing lion let out a roar

which not only quietened all other wildlife

but made the MGM lion sound like a kitten.

We found a huge footprint in the sand

the following morning.

It was 20-30 metres from our campsite,

however, the shower block was

another 20-30 metres further on.


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:…Weird-and-Wonderful

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Leya:...Weird-and-Wonderful

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy:…Weird-and-Wonderful

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina:...Weird-and-Wonderful






typically following a set sequence of steps.


This group of African dancers entertained us during

our last afternoon at Sausage Tree Safari Camp.

Each dance and costume change told a different story.

For as long as I can remember I have

always enjoyed dancing…with a partner.

I never, ever enjoyed dancing when it became

two bodies standing standing 1-2 metres apart,

gyrating to the musics which was supposed to pass

as dance music.

Of all the weddings I have attend, either as a guest,

or professionally, this bridal waltz was the

most intricate and well executed I have ever seen.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Dance