Windows of Europe feature this week.

Blue windows in York.

Tower of London windows.

More blue windows in

Germany’s Rhineland district.

Brown in Brugge.

Attractive Windows in Arras.

  A window in St Jean Baptiste Cathedral,

also in Arras.



Thursday’s Special: Windows

Weekly Photo Challenge-Shiny



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Whether in…York…

at Harry Potter’s Platform…

Buckingham Palace…

or in Brugge…


we always found some gold handiwork

shining at us.






Black and White Challenge:

Hands, Feet


Hands and feet of… 

 Europe this week.

More feet…

and then some hands.

Some sun baking legs and feet.

 More sun baking feet.

These hands, belong…

to these feet.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Hands-Feet




Black and White Tuesday17-1306-Fromelles


Black and White Tuesday


Fromelles War Cemetery where the remains

of soldiers recently found in mass graves,

in nearby Pheasant Wood,

are interred.

Entrance to Fromelles War Grave Cemetery.

 The middle grave in the front (foreground) row,

with the Australian flag,

belongs to MGW’s cousin’s uncle…

18-year-old Private Justin Hercules Breguet.

And….because MGW and her cousin share

the same (Breguet) grandmother,

Justin is MGW’s uncle also.

Not sure if it is correct to talk in he first person of someone

who died 100 years ago…


but it does seem correct.

Apologies to students of the English language.

As you can see the War Graves are attached to the

Fromelles General Cemetery,

so a visit to Fromelles,

is a visit to the fallen soldiers as well.

No excuses.



Hope you enjoyed.



Weekly Photo Challenge-Wanderlust



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Some previously unpublished photos

from some of the cities we visited

during our travels last September.
Brugges or is it Bruge?

I m never sure and would love to hear/see

how locals spell the name.

No visit to Amsterdam would be complete

without visiting a diamond cutting factory.

Rhineland-Black Forest region.





Finally, Venice.







When we arrived at La Place

(whether in Belgium or The Netherlands I don’t remember)

it felt like…


 we, no, I was still digesting a hearty breakfast.


 Sad to say that I did not sample any of these

for the above reason.

However, my mouth waters every

time I see the photos.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Edible




Jo’s Monday Walk17-Wk02

Brugge-4, Belgium


 Last week in Brugge.

One of the last photographs in Market Square were these horses,

carts and drivers catering for tourists wanting

a gentle ride around Brugge.


After we walked back to our hotel and freshened up

we returned for a Welcome Dinner which

provided opportunities for some twilight photography.


Belfort Tower in Brugge.

brugge_het-zand-fountain_0280The Het Zand fountain was one of the most

memorable sights of our trip, in my opinion.



Maybe it was that I had not seen a fountain…


illuminated like this before.


Or maybe it was just the atmosphere and camaraderie

which was beginning to form between all travelers.




Jo’s Monday Walk