difference in height from the surrounding terrain.

From the top of Ayers Rock (now Uluru)

The Olgas (Kata Tjuta) provides the only relief

from an otherwise flat landscape.

Scene from a 1975 home movie







Three of my treasures…

I purchased this painting while passing through

Alice Springs (Northern Territory)  in April 1975

on one of the best camping holidays,

I can remember.


Dear old Brandy.

  Fourteen years of the best and most

loyal dog I have ever known.



Born in March last year my final treasure is our first grandchild.

Fingers crossed we have two more arrivals: one

in early August and a sibling for this one.

The other in early October.

I hope the unborn are not infected by covid

because both expectant Mums have had covid

this past week or so.


Lens-Artist PC Patti:…Treasures

Lens-Artist PC Leya:...Treasures

Lens-Artist PC Amy:…Treasures

Lens-Artist PC Tina:...Treasures

Lens Artist PC Anne:…Treasures

Lens Artist PC Sofia:…Treasures

Lens Artist PC John:…Treasures






a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past,
typically for a period or place with happy
personal associations

I have always felt nostalgic about this scene and the trip in general.

It is one of the few trips where I have kept in touch

with some of the other travellers.

This image was taken from a Super 8 movie that I made.

I can still feel the breeze in my face as

I reached the top of Ayers Rock (now known as Uluru).

Seems like only yesterday but was in fact,

April 1975, nearly 47 years ago


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Nostalgia






Black and White Challenge.


Tourists created these rocks stacks along

the Great Ocean Road.

Stones on the Riviera

Nice Beach


Dry Stone…




Bluestone, cut into pitchers (rectangular blocks)

made a long-lasting building material.

Dog Rocks at Batesford…

…about 10 minutes from Geelong

Twenty-four-year-old Woolly signing

the visitor’s book atop

Ayres Rock (now Uluru) rises 348 metres/1141 feet

above the surrounding plains.

In the background are the Olgas,

the highest of which, Mount Olga,

is 546 metres/1,791 feet above

the surrounding plain.











A split rock at Lekhubu Island,



Layer upon layer of limestone rock supports


Great Ocean Road.


By the time I read of these rock stacks along

Victoria’s Great Ocean Road

I’m sure many of the tourists who had created

them had returned and knocked down

their creation.


Balancing rocks in South Africa’s,

Kruger or Greater Kruger National Park.


Decorative rocks at the edge of

Warrnambool’s tourist lake,

Lake Pertobe.


Closer to home…in fact nearly at our back door…

well, about 10 km away…

…is Dog Rocks.


If I have asked why it’s called Dog Rocks,

I have not received a satisfactory answer. 


Dog Rocks is very popular with photography enthusiasts,

for both day and night photography

as it is far enough away from city lights

that no ambient light can intefer.


My final rock is/was Ayres Rock.

It is now known as Uluru.

Climbing Ayres Rock was almost mandatory in 1975. 

Over my left shoulder is another formation

known as The Olgas. 

Both are well worth visiting.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Rock









inspiring a feeling of wonder or delight;



According to Labradors the is never

sufficient food on the table…

New Zealand’s,

Mt Ruapehu


Tongariro National Park

Taken from a digitised version of Super 8 movie film,

atop Ayres Rock (now Uluru) in Central Australia.

Twenty-four year-old Woolly

signing the visitor’s book

after climbing the Rock in 1975.

With The Olgas in the background,

it was a wondrous experience.










Australian Landscapes 

Moorabool Valley Landscape

near Geelong




Central Australian Landscape

Painting of Ormiston Gorge

Alice Springs

Northern Territory.






very beautiful or attractive

In their world this face

may be described as lovely…

…however, not so in my world.

Most people think this is a lovely view.


In 1976 I thought this was a magnificent view

as I reached the top of Ayres Rock

(now known as Uluru).

Now that visitors can

no longer climb the Rock,

these images will only be

found on postcards, I suspect.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Lovely