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Land of the Afternoon Sun


Barbara Wood

Land of the Afternoon Sun by Barbara Wood was the first of her work I have come across.  I hope that there will soon be available as audio books.

Beginning at a Will reading, in England, Land of the Afternoon Sun follows the life of elder son, Nigel, who can only be described as an arrogant, conniving, scheming, murdering young man.   At least that is the Nigel we see.  Was he like that before his father disinherited him?

Determined to become a self-made man Nigel sets sail for America and finds a rich young maiden to marry during the voyage.  Needless to say he loves her trust fund more than he cares for her.

Upon arrival in New York, followed by a quick wedding,  Nigel and Elizabeth cross America in search of California’s climate where he begins to establish a date farm.  Nigel has no feelings for locals.  He just wants to be the biggest date producer in the country.   It is all about Me, Me, Me!

Nigel is the most despicable central character I have seen depicted in a historical fiction novel.   It does not matter if the issue is domestic violence, murder of the most calculating kind or stealing all the resources which the local, peaceful Indians rely upon for their livelihood; he just doesn’t care.

Overall it was an interesting and enjoyable novel and as with all good novels there are several concurrent tales and social issues woven into the plot.  Some of these include loyalty, prohibition, contraception,  women’s and native land rights.

The audio version is enhanced by Mia Gaskin’s narration.  Mia is definitely a narrator to add to my list of good narrators.

Land of the Afternoon Sun is a solid 4 star read.

 Goodreads readers have awarded Land of the Afternoon Sun 3.74 stars from 109 ratings and 27 reviews



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