Into the World


Stephanie Parkyn

Into the World  was my first Stephanie Parkyn book.  Set in the late eighteenth century it tells the story of an unwed mother, Marie-Louise Girardin, and the lengths she went to earn some money and return to Paris to find and raise her child.


Marie-Louise Girardin earned her income not through nefarious means, as some may think.  Rather, she secured herself a stewards job on board a ship sailing for the Great Southern Ocean to find the missing explorer La Perouse who was sailing somewhere in the vicinity of Australia.

The thing that intrigued me was how did they know where to go as it was mentioned several times that any message sent would take around two years to reach ‘home’.  And considering La Perouse did not wake one day and think he would get lost, eaten by cannibals or his ship would sink why send a message at all.

I enjoyed the story from an historical point of view which was long before I knew it was based on fact according to the audio version of Into the World.  How Marie-Louise Girardin disguised her gender in that era, or any era for that matter, in an all-male environment, may have been stretched a little, however did make for a good story.

I think Into the World a solid 3 star read, or perhaps 3.5 stars for the historical aspect.  However as a Goodreads half-star is impossible I will settle on 3 stars.

I think

Into the World

is astar read.

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Into the World

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