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Mount Shadwell

at Mortlake

in western Victoria.

Mount Shadwell is an extinct volcano rich in olivine,

from where Mortlake takes its title of

Olivine Capital of the World.


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the control and operation
of a motor vehicle.

Some of the volcanic cones dotting

the landscape and sighted along the

Hamilton Highway,

our main access to our farm.

Mt Elephant.

Mt Shadwell

A distant

Mt Warrnambool







About 150 km west of Geelong

is the town of Mortlake…

…which is situated in the shadows of Mount Shadwell.

Mount Shadwell is known as the Olivine

(also known as Peridot)

capital of the world.


All our volcanic cones and crater are known as mountains,

and most of them support Fire Brigade, Telecom

or other type of communications tower.

During the summer there is also

a fire spotter up there.


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