The Woman in the Window


A J Finn

I am making, a little late I know, a New Financial Year resolution.  Beginning July 1st I firmly resolve to be more careful with books and authors I select to read!

The Woman in the Window by A J Finn is another of those books which I found neither enjoyable, entertaining or a page turner.  After reading page one, the only pages I wanted to turn were the covers.  Closed for ever and a day.

Fact is, from the moment I saw chapters headed as days and dates, the word “Diary” was screaming at me.

Six chapters in, and I had had enough .

One star and no more time wasted endeavouring to justify why I stopped reading.

If you really want to read The Woman in the Window, you may enjoy it.  But please consider borrowing it from your library before wasting money on a purchase you may regret.

I note that 239,000 Goodreads readers have rated The Woman in the Window as a three star read or better.  More than 110,000 readers rate it four stars.

I will be one of just over 4,000 readers who think it is one star material.