The Eiffel Tower

appears rather imposing in this image,

however, it is only 1083 feet/330m high

and dwarfed by…

…Dubai’s Burj Khalifa

is 2,716.5 feet/828 metres high

and the world’s tallest building. 

A much larger building the Eiffel Tower

This elephant was telling us where to go

and I, for one, was happy to let it

have its territory until

it is disturbed next.





Schonnbrun Palace in Vienna

is a classic example of

Austrian baroque architecture.

Known as the Summer Cottage

back in the day…all 1,441 rooms of it.


Palace of Versailles

Although not looking too healthy in this image

this house was repaired and has been

occupied for some years now.


Just had to include his shot.

It took me back to the sixties

and Kombi vans.





A staircase in Craigdarroch Castle…

…Victoria, Vancouver Island…

…British Columbia Canada.

The exit from…


…Craigdarroch Castle.


The Spire…


…Notre Dame de Paris…

…before the fire.

Same day…


…Notre Dame…

de Paris.


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Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Anne:…One-Subject-3-Ways

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* magnificent and imposing
     in appearance, size, or style.
* a grand piano.

A grand piano was present at our Viennese Concert.


Most of us thought that with 1441 rooms

the Schonbrunn Palace was a grand palace…


…then we visited the Palace of Versailles which today,

comprises 2,300 rooms. 








measuring a great distance
from end to end.

From the top of the Eiffel Tower stretches

a long beam of light, presumably to warn

low flying aircraft of its presence

and height.

Some websites state that the Great Ocean Road

ends at Port Fairy some 664 kilometres

and nine and a half hours driving, to the west.

While others claim that it is only 243 kilometres long,

commencing at Torquay and ending at Allansford,

ten minutes east of Warrnambool.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Long







the state of being known or talked about
by many people, especially on account
of notable achievements.



Before our visit to Europe, I assumed there

was only one Statue of David, and was

surprised to learn there was several.

I can only assume the real David

would be in better condition than

this bronze replica of David in the

centre of Florence’s

Piazzale Michelangelo,

where it is subjected to

the weather elements,

all year-round.


A Vatican City ceiling


The Eiffel Tower’s fame made it

a must-visit during our

time in Paris.


Being a Victorian (born and bred) I would have preferred

to use Melbourne’s West Gate Bridge, 

however, many readers may not have heard

of the West Gate Bridge,

so I opted for the

Sydney Harbour Bridge

which we are told,

on a regular basis,

is known worldwide.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Fame










the quality of being made up of
exactly similar parts facing each other
or around an axis.



Symmetry in and near…

…Notre Dame de Paris


Rose window

York Minster



Shopping Mall


United Arab Emirates


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Symmetry