a traditional story, especially one concerning
the early history of a people or explaining a natural
or social phenomenon, and typically involving
supernatural beings or events.

My image for this post was captured at

the Hamilton Gardens (NZ) in 2018

Legend has it that Romulus and Remus,

the twin founders of Rome, were abandoned as children

and had to be suckled by a wolf until they were discovered

by a wandering shepherd.

Eventually, they founded the great city on Palatine Hill,

the very place where they had

been cared for by the wolf.

This is likely just a myth, but history abounds

with real stories of children who really were

raised by animals.

Source: https://www.treehugger.com/children-who-were-raised-by-animals-4869172






road tripping

A usually lengthy trip taken in a motor vehicle,

especially for pleasure.










pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.


a pebbly or sandy shore, especially by the sea
between high- and low-water marks.










a fabric with a floral design.


Wardrobe Florals


Perhaps not a true floral, however, my

Bamboo Shirts are all of this style.



Then there are nature’s florals…

Tropical floral

These Rhodendron images were captured either…

…in or around…


…New Zealand’s Taupo or…

…the Hamilton Gardens (NZ).

Bridal florals


Finally, there always seems to be

a new floral in the garden.







having or representing animal forms
or gods of animal form.

Unless stated otherwise…

…all of these images…

…were captured in…

…the Hamilton Botanical…

…(Tudor) Gardens…


…New Zealand’s…

…North Island.

These last two while still in the

Hamilton Botanical Gardens…


…were not part of the Tudor Gardens.






The colour is pink.


A green hedge from


U. K.


Your tall white tree appears similar to a poplar tree

which is deciduous and the reason for including

this tree (name unknown) in its winter coat.


Not certain that your flowers are rhododendrons, Cee,

however, I think they are.

These rhododendrons were captured in the

Hamilton Gardens

New Zealand.









Any future visit to Canada would…

…have to include a morning at…

…the Butchart Sunken Gardens…

…on Vancouver Island.



A bit closer to home is…

…the Hamilton Gardens…

…in New Zealand’s North Island.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Gardens




Archways in the centre of

Hamilton Botanical Gardens,

New Zealand.

Arch of Victory


Ballarat’s Avenue of Honour

The Ballarat Avenue of Honour is famous for being the first avenue of its kind in Australia (perhaps in the world) and the longest of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

It incorporates the Ballarat Arch of Victory and extends for approximately 22 kilometres.


Arc de Triomphe, in Paris

Finally, the…

…Arch in Ypres’

Menin Gate

in Belgium.

I had heard my Father talk of

Menin Gate all my life.

So my 2017 visit was a

truly moving experience,

to visit the battlefields

and pass along the same roads

as my Grandfather did,

during World War I,

all those years ago.

Certainly Australia’s best known arch.

Not sure how it rates on a world stage

although we are constantly told

it is recognised the world over.


One Word Sunday Challenge:  Arch