advance notice of something.

Whenever trains are approaching level crossings

the lights flash red to warn drivers

to stop and give way.

Whenever crossing Queensland’s Daintree River

by ferry, it’s always a good idea to

follow instructions and

remain in your vehicle.

Afterall far better to follow those

instructions than feeding the crocodiles!

Probably a sign that is recognised

the world over.

Most countries have similar signs

warning motorists of local wildlife.

This one is from Botswana…

…while this one was found in Australia.





not habitually or commonly occurring or done.

After spending all my life within

a twenty-minute drive from

Victoria’s South Coast…

…these plants, captured in the Cairns area

of Far North Queensland…


…were certainly unusual well before

I had thought of blogging.










a twisting movement or course.

The Great Ocean Road follows the coastline, literally.

Therefore it winds its way from end to end.

Similarly, the road into the mountains

below the Cairns, Skyrail winds

its way along the mountainside.









a fabric with a floral design.


Wardrobe Florals


Perhaps not a true floral, however, my

Bamboo Shirts are all of this style.



Then there are nature’s florals…

Tropical floral

These Rhodendron images were captured either…

…in or around…


…New Zealand’s Taupo or…

…the Hamilton Gardens (NZ).

Bridal florals


Finally, there always seems to be

a new floral in the garden.