Windows of Europe feature this week.

Blue windows in York.

Tower of London windows.

More blue windows in

Germany’s Rhineland district.

Brown in Brugge.

Attractive Windows in Arras.

  A window in St Jean Baptiste Cathedral,

also in Arras.



Thursday’s Special: Windows


Weekly Photo Challenge-Shiny



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Whether in…York…

at Harry Potter’s Platform…

Buckingham Palace…

or in Brugge…


we always found some gold handiwork

shining at us.






Black and White Challenge:



My buildings mostly come from York…
with the exception of the first.

The Kings Cross Station Roof in London,

which looks much better in colour.

All the other images are…. buildings in York.

Dated 1489

Probably a little newer than 1489.

 Not sure what the building is but included this

because of the Captain James Cook ferry

on the River Ouse.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Buildings




One Word Photo Challenge-Friend



 After my initial meeting in 1976…long before

MGW came on the scene…
our friends from York were still happy

to show us around York, albeit at a slower pace,

while catching up on missed news

 since they visited us in 1998.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Friends





Black and White Challenge:



The building which dominated

York’s skyline was…

York Minster.

It was equally impressive close up as in the distance.

The above shot was taken in Nice.

We call these pedestrian crossings…Zebra Crossings.

I don’t know if the rest of the world uses

 that nickname for them, or not.

This is a real Zebra crossing in

Kruger National Park,

South Africa.


Where ever these crossing are located,

suburbia or in National Parks,

they have the same effect on the traffic flow.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Letters-Y-or-Z




Floral Friday-16-1209


Floral Friday Challenge.


December 09, 2016.


Flowers from York this week.




We were fascinated to see so many geraniums

on display and looking so pretty.

In my life geraniums have been regarded as hardy

and therefore stuck in the toughest corner

of the garden and forgotten  about.

Their displays, probably, have reflected

the care they have received.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday




Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-16Wk-43_3010


Odd Ball

Week 43, 2016


I thought this a rather odd addition to the…


 French countryside.

Had it had an untimely landing

or it is just beginning to rise?

Two questions among others, to which

we will never know the answer as two blinks

and it was again out of sight.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-43