Killarney Beach is about halfway between…


…Port Fairy and Warrnambool.


We used to visit Killarney on a regular basis…

…back in the 1950s and I clearly remember

how we would walk over two rows

of very high sand dunes

to access the water…

…at least the sand dunes seemed high to a boy

under double figures in age.










Killarney Beach Sand


I have stretched the tape measure to measuring devices. 

My first thoughts turned to the carpenter’s squares…

the black and blue metal right angles on my saw bench. 

Next was tape measures of which I have several.   

That white spirit level also can be used for measuring.

Last, but not least, is the saw bench itself. 

At either end is a ruler calibrated in millimetres

making it easier to cut a piece of wood accurately.



My drop saw also measures, in centimetres,

the width of wood being cut.

While the markings in the grey base are for

measuring the degrees of the cut.








Entry track…

…to Killarney Beach.

In the late 50s early 60s it was said

these waters were full of stingrays.

In all the times I swam at Killarney I never saw,

or heard of a human/stingray encounter.


After entering the beach via the track in the first image

 and this is the view east, back to Warrnambool.


Water-Water-Everywhere:   #50



Floral Friday20-3010-Killarney



As I began my journey home from

last Monday’s visit to Port Fairy…

…I came upon this roadside display at Killarney.



So close to the Princes Highway it is hard to miss.

The small peak in the background is

the Tower Hill inner cone stretching

above ground level.

Don’t be misled by my photo,

Tower Hill’s main crater

is 3.2 kilometres by 2.4 kilometres,

with a crater with a depth of more

than 90 metres (300 ft).


Floral Friday


Floral Friday