This week I took a twenty-minute drive

to Inverleigh, just out of Geelong.

Here I found St Paul’s Anglican Church

I thought there was enough light and dark…


in these shots to qualify for this challenge.

Our eucalyptus trees also have a great deal

of contrasting elements

to their outer covering…

to make them an interesting subject.






Even though Dutch is hiatus this week

I thought I would post a few from

the other side of the house…the front yard.

And I have the nerve to wonder where

our eldest gets his routine genes from 😀

March 7, 2017.

Looks like the world is on fire..

And these are some past sunrises

and if not taken from the front verandah,

then certainly very close to it.


March 29, 2017.

With my Nikon D90

Also March 29, 2017.

With my Nikon D7100


January 29, 2018

February 15, 2017.




I would not have thought of providing a toy

for dogs to play with while on the farm.However, these are Candi’s toys.

How life and circumstances change one’s outlook!

I always think of this photo when

I see a toy related challenge.

The little boy in the previous photo

recently gave this to MGW.

Ted E Bare comes complete with

inbuilt iPod with many of his favourite sayings.

However, his battery cannot be replaced, so he says,

and that will be the end of his speaking days.

Candi was a gift from Number 2 Son and his wife

to replace Ginger.

However, she was not ready to leave her home

at either Christmas, or my birthday, so I was given Quin.

Also a  Black and tan Kelpie.


Now some of my toys.

And on of the toys which keeps this blog going.




Around the turn of the century,

a new football stadium was built

in the Docklands precinct of Melbourne.

It was/is only a five-minute walk from

your train platform at Southern Cross Station. 

Unfortunately, in 2013, city planners allowed one of the banks

to build in front of Docklands Stadium.  

This modern monstrosity, in my option,

has thoroughly spoiled views of the stadium.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Modern



During my working life as a Professional Woolclasser

one of the main things we focussed on…

was how a fleece ‘handled’, or how soft it was.

The softest and best fleeces were branded AAA.

Those not so soft were branded AA, and so on.

I could guarantee that every fleece in every bale,

with a AAA brand on it,

would be one of the softest handling fleeces

of the clip.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Handle



Row is a peculiar word…isn’t all the English language?

  Depending on context and pronunciation,

it can mean…

an argument,

propelling a boat manually through/across water, or

a line of things.

I focus on the latter two meanings this week.Row(ers) on the River Ouse in York with

rows of Redboats in the background

I don’t own shares in Woollies,

but a supermarket is a great place for rows of trolleys.


I think these rubbish bins were in

the same Victorian town.

Some of Geelong’s Bollards, lined up to save lives.

Rows of seats in my local movie theatre.


These bollards are to be found at Docklands

where the ferry docks in Melbourne.