done, situated, or used out of doors.




Blue Hour

Geelong Ferris Wheel



A playground is not complete unless it has

an outdoor barbeque and picnic area.



Potted Lemon Twist outside

our back door.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Outdoor







In 1965 I built this planter box during

woodwork at my High School.

Nearly sixteen years ago it lost its

charmed existence and was relegated

to the outdoors where it deteriorated

in its westerly aspect.


A new one was called for

‘…with a seat so I can sit and pat the dogs…’

My first attempt was a tad too small,

however instructions regarding size

were few and far between.

While still in the Version 2 planning phase

I noticed some recycled hardwood

fence palings, for sale, on Facebook.

One side (the outside) of the palings had

been dressed, while the undressed side

became the inside of this project.

What’s more, it has even passed the sit test!  🙂

I just finished photographing it,

in case there was a use for the image and

also so we would know what it looked like

when new, at mid-afternoon Sunday,

came inside, visited the Weekly Prompt

page and voila!

While possibly not the essence of

outdoor seating,  it has been made

for outdoor sitting.  😉


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Outdoor-Seating





tasting or smelling of fish

According to Google squid, which I think this is,

are not fish…

…however, it was caught in Bass Strait

and certainly smelled fishy.



Amanda                       Sandi





I procrastinated this week, again,

because I was struggling to find

anything colourful enough.

This morning I discovered

some forgotten images.

Plumbago at No 1 Son’s new rental.

A Gardenia…

…and a Hydrangea

bloom from home.

All photos taken on April 1, 2021.


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:...Colourful-April

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Leya:...Colourful-April

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy:…Colourful-April

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina:...Colourful-April






The state of having overeaten.


At the risk of being like my eldest

and taking this definition of

farctate too literally…


…I am going to suggest that this is

the time of year when many would

be in this state.






Unfortunately I do not know

the botanical name for any of…

…the Wheelbarrow…




Still at Basil’s Farm.







natural aptitude or skill

I didn’t take long…

…to discover that…

…Candi enjoyed playing fetch with a rope

instead of a ball, or…

…that she had a natural talent…

…for catching said rope as it…

…was earthwards bound.







This week I have chosen birds which are all,

according to Google, smaller than a breadbox

which are usually about 16 inches wide

by 8 to 9 inches high and deep ,

or 40cm x 20cm x 20cm.

I would have thought the

Northern White Crowned Shrike

was considerably smaller than its

Crimson Breasted cousin.

However, at 19-23 cm long and

tipping the scales between

42 to 58 grams it more than

holds its place with its cousin.

The Crimson Breasted Shrike

is a smaller bird than I remembered it to be.

Measuring 23cm in length and

weighing 40-57 grams it is roughly

the same size as the

Northern White Crowned Shrike.

Bread box: 40cm x 20cm x 20cm


The Kalahari Scrub Robin

measures only 16 cm in length and

weighs between 17 and 23g 

Bread box: 40cm x 20cm x 20cm

At 14 cm, or 5.5in, long and weighing

only 8–13 grams (0.28–0.46 oz),

the Superb Fairy Wren

Bread box: 40cm x 20cm x 20cm 


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:...Smaller-Than-Bread-Box-or-Bin