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A busker in Brugge, or some very brief

tourist entertainment…this young lady was very competent..

at least to my ear. 🙂


A Melbourne busker.

Another year, another street

but still busking in Melbourne.


Fingers too old to play my guitar I’m afraid


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Music







A great idea for the end of the year

and particularly one  in which I thought

I had not been out (with camera) very much…

January began with a nice sunrise which

reflected on our sprinkler.


February brought…

…one of my favourite photos for the year.

February also saw us in Auckland for a weekend to attend

an engagement party for our eldest and his  bride to be.   

March is… a nice month to get out and about…


for sunrises and…


Late in March I joined liked minded people

to exhibit some of our work.

In my case photos.



A few day later in early April we celebrated

our 31st Wedding Anniversary

with a First Class (our own private cabin)

dinner on the Q-Train.


Trips for sunrises and sets…

…were becoming fewer due to another trip into day-stay hospital. 

Also due in part to the fact that

we were thinking of our trip to Canada in June.

On the Columbia Icefield we experienced

falling snow for the first time.

A week later we were enjoying our Gold Leaf carriage

on the Rocky Mountaineer as it

carried us back to Vancouver.

Boarding the MS Noordam we cruised the inside passage

to Alaskan waters and enjoyed our first pre-booked excursion.   

A dog sled ride on the Mendenhall Glacier.

Glacier Bay was absolutely fantastic, and to see

Margerie Glacier calving, several times,

was well worth the visit.

Home in July for a rare colourful sunrise.

By late August canola crops were beginning to flower.

Early September and many deciduous trees were in bloom.

Late September and our road trip

in New Zealand had commenced.

Hobbiton movie set was another of our must sees prior to leaving.

Early in October we added

another daughter-in-law to our family.




Spring rains came and went leaving us fairly dry

at the beginning of December..

However, we were lucky enough to have a pleasant Christmas…

with temperature sitting in the mid-twenties.

Happy New Year to all.


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Commencing with a BW from a…

…wetland near Geelong.

One of my favourites from our

Rocky Mountaineer adventure this year.



Always thought this was a nice photo also. 

Our second morning in Botswana in 2014.



Closer to home again.


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I have opted for the liturgical season this week,

with some of the decor on display during

the Advent and Christmas seasons.

One of two…

Christmas Angels.


And for the very first time a scentsy music box

come Christmas tree complete with train. 

I’m sure daughter-in-law Number 1 would be

only too happy to order one for you.


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Our biggest celebrations over recent years

has been our Sons’ weddings.

Number 2 Son married just over two years…

And think the Bridal Waltz took a bit of practice...lots of it. 

 But they looked good.


Number 1 Son was married in Auckland in early October

Though difficult to see, the celebrants are there,

and musicians are rehearsing one last time. 

And the Church was immaculate. 

Everyone was waiting for the bridal party.



followed by a wonderful setting for the reception at

Auckland’s Riverhead Boat House.


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