Just before Christmas last year

we brought a timid Smudge home.

He had been in the shelter since April 2018,

and spent 5-6 weeks hiding from

everyone and everything.

At the moment he is getting braver and ventures

up to 7 metres from the safety of his enclosure.

He has begun to play with the dogs…



and has Candi’s measure.



He does head for the safety of his enclosure

when anything, and I mean anything, startles him.

These photos were taken through our kitchen window

using my 500 mm lens as he would not

sit for a photo if he could see me.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Safe




When we are younger we think of ‘homework’

as schoolwork completed in our time. 

As we get older we are constantly told

to ‘do our homework‘ with regards to

housing loans and any or all manner of things.

When it comes to telecommunications

I am a bit like this phone box….almost obsolete!

I do own a mobile/cell phone,

however, it is probably as old as

the phone box relatively speaking.

Earlier this week I decided to upgrade.

What a nightmare! 

All retailers want to do is get me to buy an expensive plan.

And what has set out as a simple upgrade

with a $600ish budget has turned into an exercise

where the phone I like the most,

that is, it has a larger screen,

(to cater for my hands and fingers)

is three times my initial budget. 

That has been my homework for the week! 

At least my answer/decision is not going

to get me an A, B, or C, however, it may

get me ‘the look’ from MGW!  😀


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Homework

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-One


Lookout duty at Melbourne Zoo

Is that me or my twin?

One of the few Wedge Tail Eagle photos I have.

I see plenty, but photograph few.

So re-posts, it is.






February 2016 I stood on a pair of glasses

and decided to just have them re-lensed.

Not so fast the optometrist said,

and sent me packing to an ophthalmologist,

who had a mate he sent me to,

who had a mate to send me to

who finally sent me to the

Eye and Ear Hospital in Melbourne. 

You have a A-typical  mmelanoma on your retina

I was told. 

I was given three options:

1. Radiation…may damage your eyesight. 

2…Biopsy…may damage your eyesight.   

3.  Best thing to do is remove your eye

(apparently that would not damage my eyesight :-). 

But it would leave me with an empty orbit in my head.   

Not the ideal result, but better than the alternative. 

More tests and guess what? 

I did not have a melanoma in my eye,

but must have had one just starting

to grow on the bridge of my nose and eyelid. 

It was removed about a month ago.

So as ugly as this looks,

melanoma is removed,

orbit still with original occupant and

skin graft looking good.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Orbit