On Friday (yesterday) I travelled back to

what I could call my home city,

Warrnambool, to visit

Logan’s Beach Whale Nursery.  Luckily there were three or four whales

to entertain the tourists.

A cow and calf put on a good display.

They travelled along the beach

for about half a kilometre and

remained within 100 metres from the sand.

Creating some great opportunities for a long lens.


Have a good weekend



Weekly Photo Challenge-Evanescent



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



According to Google the literary meaning of evanescent is…

soon passing out of sight, memory,

or existence; quickly fading or disappearing.

The first things that came to mind were rainbows.

They appear from nowhere and before you can say…

where’s the camera, or aaahhh!

they are fading to memory.

This shot I called Two Minutes of Magic.

I would not have had time to run, let alone walk,

the length of the pier to

grab a camera, battery or SD card.

The world aligned for two minutes

allowing me to capture a sunrise on

Point Lonsdale Lighthouse

that I was not anticipating.



Weekly Photo Challenge-Heritage



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Part of Geelong’s Heritage listing are

these old red brick buildings

on Geelong’s Waterfront.
These buildings used to house all wool bales for sale

and it was a tradition to visit the Geelong sales

when your wool was due to be auctioned.

Those in power, in their wisdom have placed the buildings,

of which these are but a few, on a heritage list.

This means that the externals facade will

forever remain the same, but…

as this one, the purpose and interior can be remodeled.

In this instance this is the

Waterfront Campus of

Geelong’s Deakin University.

 On a personal level, part of my heritage has been

the connection to this gun which fired the first Allied shot,

from just across the Bay at Point Nepean, of World War I.

My Grandfather was part of that gun crew.

He went to serve on the Western Front in France and Belgium.

I plan to visit this area in a few weeks.



Weekly Photo Challenge-Reflecting



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I have chosen some ‘Reflections’ this week.

Balyang Sanctuary…

in Geelong.

Balyang Sanctuary.

Balyang Sanctuary.

However, this one gave me time to reflect on the

levels of our backyard on May 11, this year.






Week 80


A couple out for a stroll along the sand near the

Twelve Apostles along Victoria’s

South West Coast line…

Both appear to be fairly tall…

if not above average height.


In this context however,

they are tiny.


Pic and Word Challenge: 80 Context


Happy Birthday to Taji

Happy Birthday to Taji

Happy Birthday to Taji

She’s ONE today, you see!


From this little bundle in January…8 weeks old…


to this on Sunday November 20…and

countless dollars worth of damage to our garden.

Looking at either photo you couldn’t imagine it could you?

I am a day late….better late than never.

Weekly Photo Challenge-Shine


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



The first two photos are re-posts but they do fit

the shine, reflection theme of this challenge, I think.


Part of Geelong’s foreshore with Geelong CBD in the background.


A similar night scene.


Also Corio Bay but taken last Thursday morning around 1000

 just before Camera Club meeting commenced.


Around 1400 on Thursday I stopped to photograph

this crop wave in a fairly stiff breeze.


About 1000 on Geelong’s Foreshore yesterday morning.

Probably not that unusual, but for October it is.

We measured 68 points of rain this morning.

It was the longest and steadiest downpour

we have had for some time.

Decided to bed  down and feed the dogs an early tea

as we were going out and the rain ceased a few minutes later.

Always happens!!