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 Travel Theme.


Three sports…

I have never tried kite surfing…

but it appears to be…

 a lot of fun and a bit dangerous judging by the helmet.

Nor have I ever been on a surf board…

 But I would just love to be competent enough to

manoeuvre as in the first two images.

However, I think this would be more my style.


Some shots of the inaugural

Cadell Evans Road Race.

After several hours of country road racing…

riders have three of four laps of Geelong suburbs

before a finish on the foreshore.

Finally, one shot of the Melbourne Cricket Ground

on the first Monday in June.

Collingwood versus Melbourne.

Also the scene of the

1956 Olympics and the 2006 Commonwealth Games.


Where’s My Backpack: Sports




One Word Photo Challenge-Friend



 After my initial meeting in 1976…long before

MGW came on the scene…
our friends from York were still happy

to show us around York, albeit at a slower pace,

while catching up on missed news

 since they visited us in 1998.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Friends


Erratic Links

Commencing, today, May 29 nearly all my posts will

be scheduled for a couple of weeks.

I will be travelling and do hope to post something

from my Western Front experiences while in

France and Belgium.

However, that may not be possible.

I will add links to host’s home page and hope for the best.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Gardens


My contribution for this week’s



Some scenes from…

Geelong Botanic Gardens.

Bananas in the gardens did surprise me.

Bollards to be found all over Geelong’s tourist areas.

Even with my red and green colour visions loss…

I can distinguish this red and green.

An ideal location for some of those special photos.





Black and White Tuesday17-1605-Cemetery3


Black and White Tuesday


I don’t like the idea of recycling graves

every hundred years or so.

However when we see a grave like this,

 the last internment being in 1922 and

the family name being out of the district for many years,

it is hard to put forward an argument against recycling.

 However, in country cemeteries the pressure

for recycling is nowhere near as great as in major cities.

Older graves appear to be marked by a once ornate fence.


Graves of what may be an original settler

have only a marker like this.

It is doubtful if the occupant even has

a name recorded in the cemetery’s records.



Hope you enjoyed.



Black and White Tuesday17-0905-Cemetery2


Black and White Tuesday


Some more cemetery shots..
This head stone caught my eye because

of the child’s age…so young.

I guess we have been fortunate in that respect.

In 1980 I went for a walk in the Auckland Cemetery

and saw what appeared to be whole families

wiped out within  days of each other.

I wonder why…or how?


By today’s standards even 70 is a short enough life span.


A flower holder?

At least it does not blow over with a gust of wind



Hope you enjoyed.