Black and White Challenge:



When we first moved to Geelong, or maybe before,

we noticed this art work at the bay end of Moorabool Street.


No-one we asked seemed to know if it had a name

or when it was put there,

so we coined the name

The Sharks Teeth‘.


It was not until last year that a camera club member asked

what I was talking about.

Upon explaining he burst out laughing with

I’ve heard it called a lot of things, but never sharks teeth


 Apparently they represent sails or sail boats.

This all makes sense as quite often there is a small flotilla

of sailing boats on the bay all crewed by children,

and therefore, I have not taken any photos of said boats

as they are usually close enough to shore

for the crew to be identified.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Perspective




Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-17Wk-06_0502


Odd Ball

Week 06, 2017


Last Sunday the

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road, Cycling Classic

was held for the third year in and around Geelong.


I’m afraid this looked better than it does here.

However, the traffic control and support cars

made for some interesting images.


Fast forward into Geelong and set my tripod up

right on the edge of the gutter.

The wind these guys generated as they passed

nearly knocked me off my feet.


So I lowered my tripod for a different perspective

and…well I must have had B.O.

as every single rider took the opposite side of the road.

Still a great day for all concerned.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-06







Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-17Wk-05_0129


Odd Ball

Week 05, 2017


Over the past few months MGW has often commented

how the dogs help her weed the garden…or

anywhere that may have grass growing.

taji_4362This morning, Saturday, was no exception.

Taji found some of our lawn had grown up between

the concrete edging and gave it a good chewing.


While Candi opted for easier fare and chose that which

had already been pulled out.

After having a look at this area it is about time

the whipper snipper was given a run

to trim the edges again.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-05








Burial Mishap

Last Friday, January 20, we had the unfortunate task of burying my mother-in-law after a sudden and unexpected death on January 9.

As is the practise with MGW’s family, and I think it a great idea, there was a private burial at one of Geelong’s older cemeteries followed by a memorial service and afternoon tea at the church my in-laws attend.

Like many city cemeteries, it is close to capacity and burial-mishap_4288the trustees are commencing to reclaim graves.  So some poor soul was dug up and told to move on, to make room for Mother-in Law, who was buried alongside two old graves, concrete lids, headstones etc.

 Personally I am not in favour of the practise (of reclaiming graves) but it seems to becoming more popular as cemeteries near capacity in our larger cities.

MGW, her sisters and father had arranged with the undertaker to remove the sheaf of flowers, which was on the casket, and take it back to the church for the memorial service.  As time came to lower the casket the undertaker appeared from the opposite side and retrieved said flowers.  As he returned to his previous spot, a cracking noise was heard.  Undertaker appears to be a bit tipsy and looks like he is over balancing.  Another crack and undertaker begins a sudden descent and does over balance, landing heavily.

However, he does save the flowers, burial-mishap_4290but not his trousers.  They suffered a severe gash.

Moral of this story. 

Don’t walk on concrete graves constructed in the 1940s.  burial-mishap_4291
At least that is what I assume he did.  My line of sight was blocked by minister and casket.


burial-mishap_4290aHe told us later at the memorial service that news of his mishap had reached the office before he did. 

Nice to have workmates who are so caring!

So, what became of those flowers?  The family decided that they should be returned to Mother-in-Law’s grave.

Guess who won the job?

I can tell you I was on my tippy toes trying to keep as much weight off the soil next to Mother-in-Law, as possible.

 I should also add that these photos were taken three days later.  Hence flowers looking a bit sad and the broken lid securely contained within its walls.


One Word Photo Challenge-Duck



In late February each year a small community

near Geelong holds a Duck Race.

A fun day for all and a fund raising event

for the community, I believe.

duck-race_0028Ducks are sold prior to race day.

When the starter’s gun is fired there is

much jostling for position.

However at the end of one or two hundred metres

hard paddling the field is stretched out

with only the best paddlers, or floaters,

crossing the finish line well in front of the main bunch.

 One Word Photo Challenge:Duck