Happy New Year


Happy New Year

for 2018

May everyone have a safe,

prosperous and peaceful

year in 2018.


One Word Photo Challenge-Magician






An informal meaning of the word Magician is…

a person with exceptional skill in a particular area.

To my way of thinking this bloke is definitely a magician.

 Those who developed hot air balloons and

Go Pro cameras to  record our flight also had special skills.

Not to mention all the professions in the world today

which require special skills.

Being a former woolclasser/farmer

I am going to mention farming first.

Many years ago a wool producer

whose wool I was classing/grading/sorting

stated that farming was no longer a lifestyle but a science.

And then there is that group of people who state

that they are ‘just a housewife

Unstated are the projects that just a housewife manages,

counselling sessions,

budgeting skills,

cooking skills…must I go on?

We all  have special skills and therefore

are all magicians!


 One Word Photo Challenge: Magician


THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-Darkness-and-Light

Darkness and Light

I did commence gathering sunrise-sunset photos…

for the Darkness-Light challenge.

Then I remembered Wednesday night’s drive…

 and could not think of a more appropriate time…

to use these photos.

MGW declared 14 degrees Celsius too cold

to be out wandering and admiring this front yard.

However, with Bing Crosby crooning his favourite

Christmas Carols over the Public address system,

this front yard easily made all other look rather

insignificant by comparison.

Merry Christmas for 2017


Thursday’s Special: Darkness-and-Light


December Words

  I could not think of anything more…

sagacious . 

This one is the South African Pearlspotted Owl

if my memory and Google research are any good.

     Whether your focus is on the statue

or the wall behind, both are created by

humans but are…non-human      


       I have been told that this is not a very good

image, however, I think it

a great (decent??) portrayal,

in  abstract, of a spring downpour. 

The colour may not suit your walls but that

can be fixed with a couple of clicks of the mouse.


When we visited Pompeii…      I was expecting see some of

the more iconic remains. 

These plaster cast remains of

the population which lived in Pompeii

were the only ones on display.


Call me ghoulish if you wish…

however, in my youth I did want to be

an archaeologist. 

The link below will take you to a

Google search with images which

I had hoped to see of Pompeii’s remains.

Click here to see what I am referring to at Pompeii.


Our very own star…

…puts on some stellar performances

at either end of the day.

Here the sun is setting on Namibia

and Botswana’s Chobe River.


Thursday’s Special: December-Words

THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-Traces of the Past-3

A Bygone Era

Some traces of the past from around my turf.

Whenever I look at this photo I see sad eyes.

The other side of the house in morning sun and fog. 

Priceless images as new owners have removed the house

and one would not know there had been a house

on that corner now.


I just wish land owners would park their old,

unused equipment a bit closer to the road.


 Shearers I used to work with for several decades

often mentioned this town.


My mind’s eye never saw it as an ‘old’ town though.

  Although I suppose I should have guessed.


Thursday’s Special: Traces-of-the-Past

Black and White Tuesday17-2211


Black and White Tuesday


Eventually made the trip back to

Lal Lal on Tuesday

to retrieve my newly cleaned camera.

Lal Lal was a hive of activity during

the gold rush era of the nineteenth century.

Like many country towns it is now a shadow

of its former glory, but still retains

some icons of those bygone days.

This is the main road through the town.

Reminds me a bit of my hometown..biggest

difference is the bush all round Lal Lal and

the fact that my hometown was just a tad bigger,

due to it being a halfway point in the bullock dray days.

Lal Lal is very close to Ballarat, which is

the third largest city in Victoria with a population

of just below 78,00 in the 2006 census.

About half the size of  Geelong in the same year.

As with may rural towns Lal Lal once had

a thriving railway station, and…

to keep the steam engines going was

this Water Tower.

I plan on returning to Lal Lal soon

to take some more images of the town

and its surrounds.



Hope you enjoyed.




Three weeks ago

Yvette of Priorhouse blog

asked me to join

Karen’s (mytrainofthoughtson blog)

3 Day Quote Challenge.

Here is the third of

my 3 (Mon)Day Quotes.


In the late 60s early 70s every Sunday night

there was a pontoon game

(you may call it black jack, 21), or any other name.

However the basic strategy was the same.

The game alternated between our house

and some family friends.

We played for high stakes.

Each household had a jar of two-cent pieces.

Each player was allowed sixty cents of this money,

which was returned to said jar at the end of the night.

We played hard, enforced rules, made new ones

and argued incessantly.

When at our friends house the lady of the house

came out into her kitchen around 10 PM

to make us supper.

If chaos and mayhem were not in charge

we were having a quiet night.

Phyll always seemed to quell any noise with this quote: 

It took me years to actually see what she meant by this

and since marrying MGW it has been used

on many occasion.

Although it has now been shortened to

‘…blind men and galloping horses…’  

We both  know what we mean and

I always remember a dear family friend.

  For anyone who is wondering…the background image is 

Geelong’s Corio Bay.