Old vehicles

A very similar truck to one which

my Father purchased in the sixties.



Vintage vehicles at…

…a car show.


The FJ Holden.

The first of many and

manufactured in 1948 or 1950…

…and the last model Australian

manufactured Holden, the VF,

made in 2013.







Nature’s jewels


Car wash rounds



The above image is for illustration purposes only.

In Western Australia in April 1975,

I paid a whole 25 cents for a small can

of airless water…or was it waterless air.

I really cannot remember but

will have a look for it one day.

However it was marketed I just could not resist

purchasing one of these cylindrical cans of nothing.






a form of decoration consisting of thin strips of
shiny metal foil attached to a long piece of thread.

Most Christmas Trees are….

…decorated with tinsel.


Gold as on the tree…

…or silver as in these images…

…colour, doesn’t relay matter.






Not sure if today’s challenge is referring to Christmas or a holiday/vacation

I’m opting for the latter.

This year we had planned a holiday to Canada and Alaska.

We also planned to visit the huskies

on Mendenhall Glacier at Juneau

 However, thanks to Number 1 Son ‘popping the question’

last New Year’s Eve we had two unplanned visits to New Zealand.

The engagement party weekend in February was hardly a holiday

but we had two weeks in New Zealand later in the year

prior to his/their wedding.

As soon as the latter excursion was thought of

it did not take long for the Hobbit Movie set

to come onto our radar and a visit was duly arranged.


Word of the Day Challenge: Holiday




We have just had

Number 2 Son

(equipped with his electronic candle)

and Number 1 Daughter-in-Law

to watch Carols by Candlelight televised

from the Sidney Myer Music Bowl

in Melbourne.

Carols by Candlelight is an outdoors concert,

held every year on Christmas Evening

with proceeds going to Vision Australia.

It has been a nice evening with one

of our sons and daughter-in-law.

Who knows, perhaps next year,

both boys and partners will come.

Number 1 Son is spending Christmas

with his New Zealand in-laws this year.

As it is now 1215  on Tuesday December 25

it is appropriate to say…..

to each and everyone.

Definitely time for bed!


Word of the Day Challenge: Family



I’m late, oh so late…..and apologies

 for the photo quality…my camera was

in full manual mode including focus.

This year…

number 1 Son and number 2 Daughter-in-Law

headed east to New Zealand

to spend Christmas with her family.

So we had a small family

Christmas gathering last Sunday.

We are so lucky to have these two young ladies

as members of our family.

On Monday night

number 2 Son and number 1 Daughter-in-Law

will join us to watch

Melbourne’s Carols by Candlelight on television,

followed by Christmas Day lunch

with MGW’s sisters, their families and father.

Yes, the thing that matters most

this time of year especially, is family.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Things-That-Matter-Most