an object kept as a reminder of
a person or event.

Since Christmas 2016,

our Christmas tree…

…has been decorated…

…with mementos from…


…places we have visited…


..during our travels…

…although travelling has been on

the back burner these past two years,

we are hopeful that we may

get away in 2022.


FOWord Challenge:…Memento





I’m not sure if this fits the Art part

of this Challenge.


However, at this time of year for mine,

it does.


Merry Christmas

to all involved in the

Public Art Challenge



Geelong Cement Works Art


Marsha’s Public Art                      Cee’s Public Art

0200 Saturday




In among our Blue Gum plantation

is one of the most serene places

I can think of.

In the middle of the paddock I would

shut down the vehicle I was driving

and just sit and listen to the

deafening sounds of silence.

A silence only broken by the breeze in the leaves,

birdsong and the occasional kangaroo or wallaby

as bounds away to perceived safety.


Driving through the temperate rainforests

near the Great Ocean Road

Is where this image was taken.


In 2017 I visited the

Western Front Battlefields

including Belgium’s

Toronto Avenue Cemetery…


…which had to be the most serene cemetery

on the Western Front.

Aalthough having made that assertion

all the cemeteries we visited had

an air of serenity about them



How ever many you have in your house

for Christmas 2021,

may we wish you all the blessings…

…a gathering of your clan may bring.

Merry Christmas

one and all!

And may your world have a

Happy and Safe New Year



Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:…Serene

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Leya:..Serene

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy:...Serene

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina:...Serene



~~~~~ ~~~~~


A Christmas display…

…which always lights up its street…

…and draws a large crowd of visitors.


We, on the other hand, settle for

our indoor tree to light our night

and maybe some of

the street as well.


Merry Christmas

to all at

Sunday Stills

Enjoy your break, Terri

Wishing everyone a

Happy New Year

Looking forward to

a safe and prosperous







Christmas dinner

the main meal on Christmas day,
eaten any time in the afternoon
or evening


Christmas dinner (lunch if you will) is eaten

at 12 midday sharp…depending on the

latecomers in the family.


I daresay all crockery will be paper again

as no one wants to be slaving over

a sink full of dishes after

Christmas dinner.


Especially with the temperature forecast

to be 27 or 28 degrees Celsius.


After lunch is cleared away we all

move to our living room where the

nominated Santa oversees the

exchanging of gifts.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:...Christmas-Dinner







About a twenty-minute drive…

…out of Geelong…

…is this Christmas display.

I really don’t think my photography…

…does the display justice.



Geelong Cement Works Art


Marsha’s Public Art                      Cee’s Public Art

0200 Saturday