a strong supporter of a party (team), cause, or person (player).

On Thursday afternoon a traditional

ANZAC Day game of football will be played

at the Melbourne cricket Ground.

To say the fans will be partisan

will be an understatement.

However, they will rise as one

to observe a minute of silence,

in memory of the fallen,

before the ANZAC DAY game commences.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Partisan



In approximately another four weeks

it will be ANZAC Day.

In towns large and small all over

Australia and New Zealand

locals will gather for their

Memorial Dawn Service.


About mid afternoon,

at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG),

a crowd of 100,000 football fans

will observe a minute of silence prior to the now

traditional ANZAC DAY game between

Collingwood and Essendon

I have been to a couple of ANZAC Day games, in recent years,

and it is truly a moving experience to see a crowd

of all ages embrace the observation

of silence, for a minute.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Gatherings