time travel

(in science fiction) travel through time

into the past or the future.


It certainly felt like I had stepped back in time

when I sighted his functional telephone box

in London.










Ruby Red

The ruby is a lustrous, deep red stone that has
accrued special and symbolic meaning through time.
Through the ages, the ruby has represented 
nobility, purity, and passion.
From ancient times through the modern day,
rubies have been valued by cultures around the world.






Helping with camera settings


Can I helpYou?


For organising a serenade,

he received a kiss from his bride.


It’s over there, sir!






Gog and Magog sound their alarm every hour

in Melbourne’s Royal Arcade


Although I have been to London several times

I have yet to remember hearing Big Ben.

   Maybe that is due to traffic noise

at ground level.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Alarms






the period from sunset to sunrise in each twenty-four hours



Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Houses of Parliament



…the London Eye



Closer to home is this selection

of Geelong night images

Geelong from my hospital room window last year (May 2021)


Geelong by night from Griffin Gully


Geelong from Griffin Gully

You Yangs in the background

Eastern Beach…



Cunningham Pier

The first year Geelong had

a floating Christmas Tree (2015)









a curved symmetrical structure spanning an opening
and typically supporting the weight of
a bridge, roof, or wall above it

London’s Tower Bridge and its four arches


Rome’s Colosseum…

…and all its…


The Sydney Habour Bridge arch is arguably

the most well-known arch in the world.


Very much closer to home, the Prince’s Bridge…

…and the Evan Walker Foot Bridge…

…both contain arches over

Melbourne’s Yarra River.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Arch