THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-Traces-of-the-Past-2

Traces of the Past-2

This week back to London and

its infamous Tower.

Ruins within the Tower of London.

From history books I only know the catapult

to be a weapon of war.

 These carts and boxes also from a distant era.

Finally, the Scavenger’s Daughter. 

We have all heard of The Rack which stretches bodies.

Well the Scavenger’s Daughter crushes bodies

as they are folded into a kneeling position

which sees knees against chest.


Thursday’s Special: Traces-of-the-Past


Floral Friday17-2309


Floral Friday Challenge.


Facebook has been inundating me with memories

of our travels last year.

So I decided to post some previously

unpublished shots of

St James Park

in London.

Crocus, I believe.

 ~~~~The intrigue here was the plant

with the longish, narrow leaves,

below the blue/purple flower and

above the daisy type flowers.

I spent many hours digging great clumps of this

out of the ground in my youth as it

was a big ugly bushy weed.

And here it is in St James Park only

a few hundred metres from Buckingham Palace.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday




Weekly Photo Challenge-Shiny



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Whether in…York…

at Harry Potter’s Platform…

Buckingham Palace…

or in Brugge…


we always found some gold handiwork

shining at us.







I think my first photo will…


indicated which country…


and city we are in this week.


I have been wanting to use this image for a while.

Over $AUD3.00 to sit down for an hour!?

And yet there must have been 50 or more

deck chairs just waiting for a sitter.

Or maybe the empty ones belong to those Londoners

who purchased a Season Ticket for just under $AUD180.00.


Bright red London bicycles.


 And finally the London Eye, just on dusk.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Red





Black and White Challenge:



We stopped in at the Troia Cafe Bar Restaurant,

in Lambeth Road London for a light snack

prior to our London Eye experience.


We did not realise Troia served mainly Middle Eastern cuisine.

We just liked the look of the place.


And there was something which catered for our hunger on the menu.

However, the decor took our eye.

Beautiful, colourful lamps hanging from the ceiling

created a second to none ambience.


Troia Cafe Bar Restaurant will be remembered,

for all the right reasons.  

Good food, friendly staff and great decor.  

Totally opposite to our farewell dinner

the previous evening, in Paris.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Glass