Silly Questions??

In a few months were are planning a trip to Europe.

The question is:

Does anyone have recommendations for

a reliable ISPs and/or telephone companies

which cover all countries

between and including, the U.K. and Germany?

Either Wi-Fi although a 3G/4G network/satellite

would be preferable.

Just thought there with the EEC that there may be ISPs/Telcos

which cover multiple countries.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Phone-and-Computers


My contribution for this week’s

Phone – Computers



My computer is my subject this/last week’s post.
Comp_1852It is a devastating feeling when that blue light is no longer flashing,

or flashing  but with no result on the monitor.
Computer_0315My monitor was not working and in an effort to fix,

or diagnose the problem part in here,

I did not re-seat the RAM correctly after testing it.

Number 2 son, plugged in power,

flicked the ON switch…and weeellll…

that really was the end of my computer.



After yesterday’s rant against Windows 8, I had a small break through.  I found a tab/tile sporting the title “Getting started with Windows 8”.  So, I sez to myself, “Self,” I sez, “Why not have a bo peep”  So I did!

  What I found made me feel really silly.  There in black and white were instructions to move the mouse pointer to the Windows icon in bottom left corner of the screen,  then right-click the mouse, and lo and behold, up pops a menu…just like

Lots of the areas one would often use…just hidden away behind

a Right Click.  


AND why a right-click?  Why change from the usual LEFT Click??

And as for the Getting Started with Windows 8 tile, I spent most of the day wondering why I had not seen it prior to yesterday.  Started my computer tonight and saw the words for a split second before its name changed to Frequently Asked Questions.

So, I figure that if I READ some more instructions I might make the Windows 8 experience a little easier for myself.  Who knows I may even make another post about a new discovery.

But I must ask that no-one tell MGW that I actually read some instructions…..please???!!!




My five month old Windows 8 laptop has happily updated itself until last week when I began to see a message that there were updates ready to be installed

Go PC Settings to install up dates it said.  However, going to PC settings did not show a simple way to update my computer….even after I used my search function.w8-1


Clicking on any of the links in this image DID NOT easily install updates.

Today was my fourth attempt.  “I thought Ah Ha!  Gotcha!”

Today I was told to go to the Control Panel.

Used to be a click on Start, then Control Panel.

No such luck with Windows 8.  No Start button!

You need to go back to your start window…why, I don’t know.

Spying an arrow pointing to the floor, I thought “Why Not give it a try?”

Ah! Apps.  All the most useless and unwanted and unused Apps I have ever seen.  At least my iPad let me choose what Apps I wanted.

So, now in search of the Control Panel…one of the most used parts of many of the Windows-based computers – past tense.

I have NINETEEN vertical rows, yes 19, of Apps.  All of which came loaded on my computer.

The Control Panel was at the top of the EIGHTEENTH Row.

Of course they were sorted by name.  When I sort them by most used the Control Panel moved up to the third or fourth row.

I followed instructions and clicked on the Windows Update link.  I even though that receiving automatic updates would be appropriate.


That was a few minutes BEFORE 0706.

I waited until 0715 before commencing to write this post.

A few seconds ago I checked the windows open on my computer and found that Control Panel Window was still open.  I forgot to mention that I could not DO ANYTHING with that damned open window.

At 0732 I checked back and found the window had changed to this:


There had been nothing to tell me that Windows 8 was progressing in either downloading or accessing updates…except those stupid spinning dots, which also indicate a frozen computer.

The Apple/Mac system is moving nearer to the top of my preferred next computer, with every passing day.

Rolls Royce make their cars with the same quality they did years ago…they still have the RR logo on the grill, I think.  Jaguar still has a Jaguar on the bonnet of the cars.

I cannot work out why Microsoft continue to stuff around (a technical term) with what is substantially a good operating system.  They seem to want to follow Apple Mac.  Microsoft will never be as good as Apple and if they continue to go this track I will be changing to an Apple computer…because I am sick of an inefficient operating system.