Pouring concrete for a house slab.

Not the same house but didn’t look too good.

Because this was all that was left of

the Khama Rhino Sanctuary’s amenities in Botswana

when we visited  in 2014….

All the amenities were contained….

in temporary buildings during our overnight visit.

Construction  on a new version of this temporary building

had commenced and should be completed now.

Even the street we walked in Brugge was

under construction in 2016.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Construction






Some  of my favourites in BW.

Hardly needs a title.  🙂  

After spending an hour or so in sub, or near zero,

temperatures in August 2017,

this was one of the few shots worth talking about.



A nature collage consisting of mainly flowers and water.

Although there is one small dry stone wall included.

Because most of these images look much better in colour

they will also feature in my Wordless Wednesday post,

scheduled for same time tomorrow.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Motors







Black and White Challenge:



Due to a lack of motor/engine photos,

I opted for the definition of motor which refers to motor cars.

Beginning with a Oldsmobile. 

Haven’t a clue really, but the number plates read MYOLDZ, so….

Not a car specialist so appreciate any errors corrected please.

A Buick if I have read the badge correctly.

A Chevvie.

This one, as are all to follow, is an

Australian made Holden

from the early to mid sixties.

An early Commodore introduced in 1978.

The mid-sized 4 cylinder Commodore was not a huge success,

from memory, in Australia

My second car.

A LH 1975 Torana.

Finally, my current ride.

The SV6 version of the VF Commodore

The last of the Australian made Commodores.   

Because some of these vehicles look much better in colour

they will also feature in my Wordless Wednesday post,

scheduled for one hour after this post.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Motors






About ten minutes from Geelong is this rock formation

known as Dog Rocks.


It is a popular place for photographers…


to gather for star photography.

I am afraid out on cold nights doesn’t appeal.



Early mornings are more my time of day.

For anyone wondering, I have no idea

why this rocky outcrop is called Dog Rocks.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Rocks






Apart from brief walks to and from railway stations

Dubai was a wonderful place to visit. 

The unseasonal October heat (for us) was overpowering.

So getting to the Burj Khalifa was relatively easy

as was the ride to the 148th floor observation deck which

at 555 metres above ground level was

the world’s highest observation deck in 2016.


I’m guessing the temperature rose by

around 20 degrees when we stepped out

to take these photos.

Early morning February sun on Corio Bay.


Whether in a steaming mug of milk coffee

or straight out of the fridge…

milk is a marvellous food/drink.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Hot-Cold




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Cold


When there’s a forty below room around…

one just has to give it a try.



Back in  the winter of 2006 horizontal icicles

formed on our verandah roof and momentarily

dripped water over the edge of

the spouting/gutter, in the foreground.

We thought that was cold.







Public transport Geelong and Melbbourne.

Taxis waiting for fares.


Two of Melbourne’s Trams.

Generally speaking my ride to and from Melbourne.

Although back in August I did take a ride on the new

Port Phillip Ferry service between Geelong and Melbourne.

This service is due to commence in the New Year.


It would be about a five-minute walk from Geelong’s CBD

and 10 to 15 minutes from here to the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

However, seniors get a round trip to Melbourne from Geelong

is about $7-$8 by train, which is much cheaper

than a $26 Senior round trip on the Ferry.

I must confess I do love the Ferry ride, however finding a parking spot

in Geelong is a nightmare.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Public-Transport




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Funny


Funny in a cute kind of way.

It was only a year or two later when

No 1 Son (at the steering wheel)

was driving the ute across the paddock with No. 2’s small hands

barely hanging on to a two-inch diameter pipe

(just  visible top right) while standing on the back. 


And 25 years down the track they a still grumbling

because I was very cross with them. 

Not because they were driving, rather at their lack of care,

how fast or how dangerous it was. 

It is a standing chuckle that Number 1 was able

to hit a gate post in a twenty-foot wide temporary gateway

and Number 2 managed to drive so close to a tree that he hit

the bar I referred to previously.

The next two are more cute he funny me thinks…

However they always rate…

a smile or more from me.