take or carry (people or goods) from one place
to another by means of a vehicle, aircraft, or ship.

I guess bicycles do…

…transport rider from beginning to end.

Port Phillip Geelong-Melbourne Ferry.



Dubai railway.

Melbourne to Geelong train carriage.

The front end of the Rocky Mountaineer

transporting us back to Vancouver.




Port Phillip Ferries…


…ran a FREE trial service, in August 2018…

from Geelong to Melbourne.

There were only seats available

when I booked my free ticket,

yet barely a third of those

who booked turned up.

The ride took  about an hour

and we were in Melbourne in time for sun-up…


…under West Gate Bridge.

And only a block or two from the CBD

when we disembarked.


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Public transport Geelong and Melbbourne.

Taxis waiting for fares.


Two of Melbourne’s Trams.

Generally speaking my ride to and from Melbourne.

Although back in August I did take a ride on the new

Port Phillip Ferry service between Geelong and Melbourne.

This service is due to commence in the New Year.


It would be about a five-minute walk from Geelong’s CBD

and 10 to 15 minutes from here to the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

However, seniors get a round trip to Melbourne from Geelong

is about $7-$8 by train, which is much cheaper

than a $26 Senior round trip on the Ferry.

I must confess I do love the Ferry ride, however finding a parking spot

in Geelong is a nightmare.


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During last Tuesday’s voyage from

Geelong to Melbourne

aboard the Port Phillip Ferry…

was at a cracking pace of 35 knots, or nearly 65 kmh.

From my chosen seat on the bow

Melbourne’s skyline was soon visible.

And grew larger by the minute.

The pace was reduced substantially

as we entered the Yarra River

and sailed under

Melbourne’s West Gate Bridge.

A great way to travel between both cities.


There are all the comforts of home

available inside the ferry.

I wanted/chose front row for photo opportunities.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Pace

One Word Photo Challenge-Positive


My positive post comes…

at the end of a 90 minute trial ferry service

from Geelong to Melbourne.

Seeing the sun rising under the West Gate Bridge,

sailing under said bridge and

looking up to see the Australian flag flying high

are all things not experienced when driving.

As we motored up the Yarra River

to our, 0745, Docklands destination,

the sunrise was there to guide us.

Perhaps not the most spectacular sunrise photographed,

but certainly better than full cloud cover.

All-in-all a very positive early morning outing.


One Word Photo Challenge: Positive




All day I have had deadlines to meet.This morning’s alarm was set for 0445 so I could…

be in Geelong for the 0615 departure of

the #portphillipferries trial run of a new

Geelong – Melbourne service.

Melbourne’s skyline was soon visible

and at 35 knots time passed quickly.

By around 0730 sunrise was beginning to

show over the clouds…

The Yarra River provided a slower speed

and glimpses of the sun between buildings.

The West Gate Bridge over the Yarra,

is one  of the major road feeds

in to Melbourne from the west.

I have driven it countless times,

however this was a first.

We arrived at Docklands, behind Etihad Stadium

on our deadline of 0745.

After making my way to

Southern Cross Station in Spencer Street,

I discovered I had a little over thirty minutes

before my return journey by train departed at 0910.

Just enough time for breakfast!


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Deadline