Travel Theme-Steps




 Travel Theme.


Steps from all over this week.

Some Viennese steps.

 At St Paul de Vence near Nice.

 Even the Vatican had a healthy set of steps.


This area of coastline is near

The Twelve Apostles

and is known as

Gibson Steps.

My destination was the Apostles so this was

only to be a brief stop.

On the day I did not see the steps

but the size of the couple on the sand

left me in no doubt that I

would not be looking for them, that day.


Where’s My Backpack: Steps




Travel Theme-Sports




 Travel Theme.


Three sports…

I have never tried kite surfing…

but it appears to be…

 a lot of fun and a bit dangerous judging by the helmet.

Nor have I ever been on a surf board…

 But I would just love to be competent enough to

manoeuvre as in the first two images.

However, I think this would be more my style.


Some shots of the inaugural

Cadell Evans Road Race.

After several hours of country road racing…

riders have three of four laps of Geelong suburbs

before a finish on the foreshore.

Finally, one shot of the Melbourne Cricket Ground

on the first Monday in June.

Collingwood versus Melbourne.

Also the scene of the

1956 Olympics and the 2006 Commonwealth Games.


Where’s My Backpack: Sports



Travel Theme-Animal-Companions



Animal Companions

 Travel Theme.


My companions through the years.

Brandy, December 1988.

Around eight or nine years later

Brandy had an off-sider to train.

Her name was Zoe.

Brandy’s daughter, Ginger, was born early September 2001.

Ginger was one of Brandy’s only litter of pups,

that we know of, and she was born

about three weeks before Brandy died.


 Ginger would sing with some persuasion,

just like Brandy.



Ginger became a nervous wreck when she had a bone.

She would spend hours trying to find a safe place to bury it.

All the while Labrador, Maggie,

quietly watched from afar,

and then dug it up when a tired Ginger

decided to have a snooze.

Who would have thought Ginger would be dead

only a matter of days after this shot was taken?


Then about 18 months ago, early 2016,

along came Candi,

courtesy Number 2 Son and Daughter-in-law.


Candi will never work sheep, however,

she has some other talents I have

never seen in a sheep dog.

She runs with the flight of the rope

and still manages to catch it.


Where’s My Backpack: Animal-Companions



Travel Theme-Behind




 Travel Theme.


A few years ago while in Africa…

I developed a totally unfounded reputation of

being a tail-end Charlie.

Nothing has changed and this year,

at Hill 60, in Belgium, the only…

time I was in front (of the crowd) was when

I scrambled up this bunker to have my photo taken.

These days however, the ascent is far easier than the descent.

So by the time I had carefully descended from

my precarious position,  most of the crowd

had reach our starting point again.

And yes, there I was back, bringing up the rear of

my fellow travellers and the next group

of school children to visit Hill 60.


Where’s My Backpack: Behind



Travel Theme-Numerals




Travel Theme.


Numerals are…the basis…

 of keeping any market going.


Whether dollars, euros,

or any other currency…


There is always a numeral before the item.


Where’s My Backpack: Numerals



Travel Theme-Words




Travel Theme.


Some words from the Somme.We soon became used to  seeing these words.

There were also words telling us where we were

and where to go!

And words to explain the site when we arrived.

These few days in France made me realise how lonely

it must be for migrants who do not speak

the language of their adopted home.


A few words…a big impact.

Words to match the images above?

And heartfelt words from the very young.


Where’s My Backpack: Words