Daily Prompt-Crank


I think it would be fair to say…

 that there are not many or us who remember starting vehicles,

big or small, with a crank handle.

Or how, when cranking, all one’s digits had to be

on one side of the handle in case the engine back fired

as it would damage one’s

thumb if wrapped around the handle.




Daily Prompt-Deplete(d)


Taji’s favourite spot towards evening

is under the old trampoline…

 From here she can keep an eye on both exits… 

 and not miss out on replenishing her depleted belly

should her evening meal arrive unexpectedly.

That fact that she may have had a treat

a few minutes earlier does not enter

into the equation.



Daily Prompt-Churn


Bourke’s Luck Potholes.

Bourke’s Potholes have been eroded

into smooth cylindrical formations…

by the churning waters

of the Treur River…

where it converges with the

Blyde River in South Africa.



Daily Prompt-Explore


The Colosseum of Rome was high on my list

when we visited Europe two years ago. 

However, it was high on thousands of other people’s lists as well.


Our exploration of this wonder of the world…

was restricted to watching others from this level.

Another place to re-visit when not on a guided tour.

I would have so loved to have

visited and explored the lower area.