Black and White Challenge.


I think and it has been confirmed, that…

this dress could be called a deb(utante) frock.

This flock of sheep and herd of cattle…

are certainly livestock.

The clock face of the Arras Bell Tower in France.

A group of rocks just outside Geelong

known as Dog Rocks.

Many photographers photograph this

rock formation, both day and night.

One of the Australian Navy’s ships at dock at Cunningham Pier.









Black and White Challenge.


A variety of windows, both old and new

Looking out to the street through

the inner stain glass windows.

It was through these doors/windows

that a hail storm blew in

with hail stones landing twenty feet

inside these doors.

Views of the Swan River Bank in Perth, Western Australia.

There was a housing complex similar to this which,

we were told, belong to one family only.

Another Swan River scene.

Number 2 Son had the camera this day as we drove

around our second tree plantation.

 Same paddock a couple of weeks ago.

Only this time trees have been harvested and poisoned

in preparation for planting new tube stock.

I nearly took a selfie as our Georgian (USA) born

Plantation Manager acted as chauffeur.

Finally, this photo is tagged as God’s Window

which we visited while in South Africa.

Stunning views as is befitting such a window.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Looking-through-a-Window




Daily Prompt-Observe


I don’t think

Maggie (our Labrador) and Soxie (the cat),

were ever really friends. 

 We often made observations

about them as in this photo.

Soxie has the best spot on Maggie’s blanket

while Maggie appears a little forlorn

and she is just holding on to a share.



Daily Prompt-Bestow


This week MGW, at the suggestion of our vet,

bestowed upon our canine friends…

 a brand spanking new Kong.

It was for Taji who is a tad over the desire limit.

However she soon got the idea and spent

time playing with it until empty.


Candi was also keen enough to give it a go this morning.

Whether they lose any weight is another thing.



Daily Prompt-Crank


I think it would be fair to say…

 that there are not many or us who remember starting vehicles,

big or small, with a crank handle.

Or how, when cranking, all one’s digits had to be

on one side of the handle in case the engine back fired

as it would damage one’s

thumb if wrapped around the handle.