Daily Prompt-Horizon


Over first sunset…

on the Botswana horizon in 2014.

 With 50% colour boost…

and with 100% colour boost.




Daily Prompt-Entertain



 The aged entertain the young in Melbourne.


A young girl briefly entertains tourists

in Brugge.


Finally, Melbourne’s living statue.

Not sure if this is the easiest, or the hardest,

of all three entertainers.



Daily Prompt-Miraculous



At Christmas 1914, with both sides singing hymns and carols,

it was indeed a miracle that so much carnage was halted,

even for a short time…

to exchange Christmas greetings, gifts and

for an impromptu game of soccer.

My sons say I should call it Football.


While the 1914 Christmas Truce was not observed

all along the Western Front it has been

written into folklore in my lifetime.

We visited the site of this miracle

near Prowse Point Military Cemetery,

in Belgium.

Merry Christmas

and a safe and prosperous

Near Year

to all.



Daily Prompt-Meagre



Today was cherry picking day.

Nothing tastes as good as a home-grown cherry.

A few years a go we planted some miniature fruits trees

and although the tree is small the fruit is not.

 In 2015 we harvested our first crop of cherries,

which filled a two litre container.

Last year there was a very meagre crop thanks to local bird life.

Maybe a cherry or two each.

We learned a lesson and this year netted the tree.

Not 100% successful but we did managed to fill

one and a half, two litre containers this year.

Much better than last year’s meagre offering.

Still those feathered friends managed a feed or two.

However, if our plans for our cherry tree

come to fruition there will be some hungry birds

looking wistfully at our cherry tree

in twelve months time. 🙂