Black and White Tuesday17-2504-ANZAC_Day


Black and White Tuesday

 April 25, 2017



I seem to be having excuses for not posting Black and White photos recently.  

Today is another important day in Australian and New Zealand and

various other nations will be conducting dawn commemorative services

to remember the ANZACs


When I visited Ballarat in mid-February,

it was the day before…the Grieving Mother Garden,

located near The Arch of Victory,

was to be officially opened.

Ballarat’s Grieving Mother was receiving

some final touches from its creators prior

to its public unveiling the next day.

Based on figures in my Jo’s Monday Walk post

there would have been over 500 grieving mothers,

and families, during World War I alone.


All of that was forgotten on this

warm and sunny day in February 2017, however.

The whole area looked a picture.

Chairs were aligned for local and visiting dignitaries,

cameras were set up and the gardens was in top condition…


for Ballarat’s Grieving Mother.

Ballarat’s Grieving Mother was created by

Peter Corlett and Peter Morley

On ANZAC Day 2017 the Grieving Mother

is another reason not to forget.




Hope you enjoyed.



Black and White Tuesday17-1804-Pt-Lonsdale


Black and White Tuesday

 April 18, 2017


More shots from the Point Lonsdale lighthouse and pier.

Wind nearly strong enough to blow my tripod over.

Sun well up, but I do like this effect

when it breaks through the clouds.

Point Lonsdale light house.

 After being blown off the pier….

two minutes of magic.

Thank you Mother Nature.



Hope you enjoyed.



Black and White Tuesday17-1104


Black and White Tuesday

 April 12, 2017


Last week I did not post any photos

as it was our wedding anniversary.

However I did mention that we were going

hot air ballooning over Melbourne on Friday.

We were told at 0400 on Friday that our balloon ride

had been cancelled due to strong winds.

 So, after rescheduling for Wednesday morning

and watching weather forecasts every hour

for the past 5 days…

we finally got the nod at 0400 this morning…

and these were some of the sights.

What appears to be a large light in the left of shot

is the morning sun reflecting off one of

Melbourne’s taller buildings.



Hope you enjoyed.



Black and White Tuesday17-0404


Black and White Tuesday

 April 04, 2017


I decided to have a day off today.

At the time of writing it has been

30 years and approximately 5 hours

 since MGW and I exchanged our “I dos.”

Neither of us are sure where the time has gone,

however, it has passed and we have two sons,

one daughter-in-law and

a potential daughter-in-law (girlfriend)

to show for our time together.

All of the above mentioned we are

(or will be, if it comes to pass) extremely

proud of to have as part of our family.

My best friend and I have spent a lovely day together

and are now looking forward to hot air ballooning

over Melbourne on Friday, weather permitting,

and courtesy of MGW.

All being well…

(good weather, not falling out or dropping camera)

I will post some images later in the week.



Hope you enjoyed.



Black and White Tuesday17-0328_


Black and White Tuesday

 March 28 2017



Still down on Victoria’s Surf Coast,

but at Point Lonsdale this week.

Point Lonsdale is on the Western side of

what is known as The Heads…

Port Philip Bay’s only entry/exit to Bass Strait.

There is also another name used to describe

this entrance/exit…The Rip.

The Rip is a triangular area of water between

Point Nepean, Shortlands Bluff and Point Lonsdale.

Although the distance between

Point Lonsdale and Point Nepean is 3.5 km

there is only about 1 km which is navigable.

Due to rocky reefs and shoals the ocean floor

varies from less than 5 metres to 100 metres deep.

This reef is about 200 metres off shore.

Point Lonsdale pier with Point Nepean in the right background.

Again Point Nepean just visible on the right horizon.

And finally, this was my target for the morning.

The Point Lonsdale lighthouse reflecting the rising sun.

The cloud bank was mad to order and moving so quickly

that I only had a few minutes to capture this.

Between, and below, the two smaller buildings is a concrete

bunker/pill-box built for World War 1.

It is through the dark rectangle in this wall

that MGW and I  had to haul a table, chairs,

decorations, food, candles and so on,

so Number 2 Son could propose to his girlfriend.

AND just for the record I have a 25 foot extension ladder

which had to be extended 3-4 feet to make

it safe to climb up the required 10-12 feet to enter.



Hope you enjoyed.



Black and White Tuesday17-0321_Torquay-Beach


Black and White Tuesday

 March 21, 2017



Monday was the best surf at Torquay for some time.

Still only relatively small waves, however,

there were some good rides.

Furthermore, I had never seen a surfer using a paddle before.

Or is that a paddle boarder, surfing.

It seemed to aid with balance at times.

I like this shot with the water splashed up around his knees.

I think here is a whole range of captions

which could be applied here.

Definitely my favourite for the day.



Hope you enjoyed.



Black and White Tuesday17-0314_


Black and White Tuesday

 March 14, 2017



I tired my hand at photographing

some roadside grass this week.

In another life I would call these grasses weeds!

But in this forum…they are subjects!


I was sorely tempted to crop just the centre of this one and

call it Roadside Blue Poles after we (Australia)

paid a world record price of $1.3 million

for a piece of art in 1973.

It was a case of love it, or hate it.

There was no in between!

According to Google it is now worth $350 million.

Just shows how much I know about art! 🙂

If you have not heard of, or seen, 

Blue Poles…Click here.



Hope you enjoyed.