I only re-discovered this image

this morning.


It was planted in the car park

at Hopkins Falls (close to the coast)

which is near Warrnambool,

a Victorian coastal city.


A Google image search suggested

it may be a Tibouchina. 

However, I don’t think a  tibouchina

would grow in these coastal conditions. 

Ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.







The Anglesea River at Anglesea, Victoria.

Just before it empties into

Bass Strait.



Tropical waterfall near Cairns

in Far North Queensland


It was the dry season…


…so not as much water…

…however still a spectacular sight…

…from land or air at

Victoria Falls,




Hopkins Falls,

Hopkins River,






Hopkins Falls, on the Hopkins River…

…is a few kilometres out of Warrnambool

in Victoria’s SouthWest.


At only 12 metres high it is not a high falls however,

it is 90 metres wide which compensates it lack in height.

This is an  August (winter) photo.

During summer months while there is

still water flowing it is nothing like this.


Water-Water-Everywhere:   #49





My first water scene is…

…nearby Lal Lal Falls.

In 2014 we visited Victoria Falls

in Zimbabwe .

Four years later, it was Alberta’s,

Athabasca Falls In Canada.

For 55 years lived less than an hour

from Warrnambool’s, Hopkins Falls.

The only time I remember visiting these falls was

when number one Son wanted some photos

for a geography assignment I set his class, in 2003.

As it was a February/March assignment,

there was little or no water flow.

  I had to wait another fifteen years and drive two hours

from Geelong to capture this photo.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Water





Summer rain…

…before and…


…after editing.

We have recorded 365 points of rain for April

and 10 inches for the year so far.

We only recorded around 20 inches of rain

for all of 2019.

Hopkins Falls after winter rains.

Hopkins Falls is near Warrnambool,

in Victoria’s South-West,

and was our shopping centre

while living on the farm.







the phenomena of the physical world collectively,
including plants, animals, the landscape,
and other features and products of the earth,
as opposed to humans or human creations.


…on a foggy morning.


…with angry seas.


…showing us some of the smoke haze

from this season’s forest cleanup.

…setting sun on a smoky day.

The sun is original.

All other parts of the image

have been lightened a tad.


…nature’s jewels.

Colourful nature.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Nature