>>  in or to some place.

“I’ve seen you somewhere before”

 >>some unspecified place.



Somewhere over the rainbow…

…no matter how close it appears

it is always out of reach.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Somewhere





lasting for a very short time

My first ephemeral thoughts turned to rainbows.

They are never the same and

the pot of gold is so elusive.



The cattle may be the pot of gold in this shot.



This rainbow appeared as I was returning to my car.

I had time to grab a camera and take

three or four hand held shots

before this rainbow disappeared.

Barely two minutes in total.


Word of the Day Challenge:   Ephemeral










In 2017 we had a downpour of big rain drops.

A slow shutter speed and…

…some editing and I think a reasonable result

has been achieved.

Raindrops on a car windscreen.

Raindrops caused this sight last week.

We have had a follow up rains,

160 points/40mm in total

between Wednesday night and Saturday morning.

Smiles everywhere.


It has been like finding that elusive pot of gold.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Raindrops


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Rainbows


My contribution for

this week’s challenge


I have not…

sighted any…

rainbows for some time now.


So, unfortunately these are reposts.




Week 98


I called this series of shots

Two Minutes of Magic

While only one shot is reproduced here,

after being nearly blown off the pier

this two minutes made it all worthwhile.

Perhaps a bit longer than fleeting, however,

I have heard it said to produce oil naturally

takes perhaps millions of years

which is described as a blink of an eye

geographically speaking.

Therefore my two minutes of magic is definitely



Pic and Word Challenge: 98 Fleeting