The Anglesea River at Anglesea, Victoria.

Just before it empties into

Bass Strait.



Tropical waterfall near Cairns

in Far North Queensland


It was the dry season…


…so not as much water…

…however still a spectacular sight…

…from land or air at

Victoria Falls,




Hopkins Falls,

Hopkins River,








a space or gap that allows passage or access.

Port Phillip Bay opens into the open seas

via a shallow and narrow opening between

Point Nepean and Point Lonsdale.

Point Lonsdale from Point Nepean

Point Nepean from Point Lonsdale.


Just behind the trees on the left is where

the Moyne River converges with the sea.


DC Photography

The mouth of the Hopkins River at Warrnambool.



The commonality each of these

places have…

…is that all three empty in Bass Strait.

Port Phillip Bay on the right, Warrnambool’s

Hopkins River (second from let) and

Port Fairy’s Moyne River is the extreme left point





Hopkins Falls, on the Hopkins River…

…is a few kilometres out of Warrnambool

in Victoria’s SouthWest.


At only 12 metres high it is not a high falls however,

it is 90 metres wide which compensates it lack in height.

This is an  August (winter) photo.

During summer months while there is

still water flowing it is nothing like this.


Water-Water-Everywhere:   #49



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Black and White Tuesday in colour.

Mouth of the Hopkins River at Warrnambool,

Victoria, Australia.

Back of

Proudfoot’s Boathouse Restaurant

on the Hopkins River.


 A single set of footsteps this week.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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Black and White Tuesday17-0410


Black and White Tuesday


Some photos from my whale watching trip

at Warrnambool a few weeks ago.

The Mouth of  the Hopkins River at Warrnambool,

with Bass Strait on the horizon.


Proudfoot’s Boathouse Restaurant

on  the Hopkins River.

I know why there is only one set of footsteps…

my utility/truck died on me on Monday morning.

Another unwanted/unexpected expense.



Hope you enjoyed.