A ring that was accidentally damaged…

and, although we were told it was repaired,

on several occasions, it wasn’t.

As you can see.


An engagement photo from a few years ago.

Wine barrels held together by metal rings.





Beginning with sunshine…



and coming to start a new day.



The Q Train shining its light into the darkness ahead…

The Q Train as the engine swaps ends and joins up

to take us back to the beginning of our journey.

The Q Train is a Dining train which operates

on a section of track,

no longer used for public transport,

between Drysdale and Queenscliff.



Last Friday, May 11, just before sun up at the car park…


at Geelong’s Eastern Beach.



May 2018 Words


Florence’s statue of

Perseus holding the Head of Medusa

aMay not be a classical Greek statue depicting…iconic.


However, when you find the head of the victim

one can certainly say there is a victor….and

an athlete of sorts!

With my farming wool classing background

propagation just had to be a photo of sheep 🙂

One way to cleave a cake…

and of course another way…

which only an eighteen year old would think of.


The eagle…the ancient Roman symbol of gods of the sky.


I am using a noun meaning of marginal this week:

a plant that grows in water close to the edge of land.


Thursday’s Special: May-Words-2018




Today, ANZAC Day 2018 the

Prime Minister of Australia…

Mr. Malcolm Turnbull…

is visiting the co-located

Australian National Memorial

and the

Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery

located just outside of Villers-Brettonneux

on The Somme Battlefields of France,

to open the Sir John Monash Centre.


The Sir John Monash Centre was…



under construction when

I visited early in June, 2017…

and is situated behind the Central Tower…


from which the views are stunning. 


It was extremely difficult to imagine

all the lives lost…


and bloodshed in

this idyllic farming land.


 There are wing walls flanking the central tower…


upon which are engraved the names of

10,732 Australian casualties who died in France…

and who have no known grave.


Used as an observation post by

the French in World War II…


the Memorial was extensively damaged by

German aircraft and ground fire.  

During the repair process it was decided to

retain some of the scarring.




Lest We Forget



Wedding Anniversary-2018

April, 4th, 2018

April 4th, 2013 was one of the first WoollyMuses’ posts and it was about our 26th wedding anniversary.

Five years of Woolly posts and MGW and I are back to celebrate our 31st anniversary.

After a quiet day, maybe in the garden or shed we are booked in for dinner for two in Geelong this evening.     On April 12th we are going out for dinner again on the Q Train which is a three-four hour rain ride around the local area in a private cabin.

In the five years since the first Woolly posts we have travelled quite a bit…twice to Africa and once to Europe together.  I made a return trip to France and Belgium’s World War I Battlefields last year, and we have plans to visit Canada ans Alaska this year.
This year we also spent a weekend in Auckland, yes a weekend,  leaving home at 0530 Friday, dinner on Friday night in Auckland, engagement party for Number 1 Son Saturday night, home in our own abode by 1830 Sunday night.  Probably would n’t do that again!  However, we are planning on a few days in NZ. before the wedding later in the year at which  time we will have our second daughter-in-law.  The first daughter-in-law arrived late in 2016.

In 2015 my place of work decided I was no longer required which was frustrating for a few weeks, until I realised that I did not need to worry about security anymore.  I spent the last six years of my working life teaching inmates computer skills in a maximum security prison.

As life progresses we find ourselves not wanting for material things, rather these days it is experiences together.

 So on our 31st Wedding Anniversary (where has the time gone?) I can only wish my beloved, (and best friend) a happy anniversary and here’s to many more.



In late 2015 Number 2 Son asked MGW and me

to complete a task for him. He wanted this…

transferred into this for a special moment in his life. 

It was to be the place he proposed to

his girlfriend…now wife. 

And so, with the help of two of his friends…

we transferred an old World War I gun emplacement

overlooking the entrance to Port Phillip Bay…


into a place WE will remember forever.

Even if they forget.  🙂

In case there are any doubting Thomas’ reading this post,

this was the outside view.

There is more I could add but will desist right now.

Have a great week.


Pic and Word Challenge: Moments