acknowledge (a significant or happy day or event)
with a social gathering or enjoyable activity.

What better way to celebrate a birthday

than with a new head of hair.

Particularly after it was lost

during chemotherapy.










It took a while before I realised what

was special about 2022, for us.


Early in 2022, we gathered to celebrate

the first birthday of our, then,

only granddaughter and grandchild.


By Mother’s Day, she was big enough

to drink her own bubaccino.


By mid-year, she was no longer

our only grandchild… 

…and she welcomed her sister into the fold.

The girls have yet to grasp the concept of cousin,

however, we were thrilled when

our grandson arrived

a couple of months later.







denoting a miniature version of something.


Is this a mini Me, Dad?


It is with great joy, pride and excitement

that we can finally announce the birth

of our second grandchild Chelsa Hope.

She was born on Saturday, March 13, 2022,

in Geelong at 13.25pm to

No. 1 Son and No. 2 Daughter-in-Law.

Chelsea came into the world at 42 weeks

weighing eight pounds and six ounces (3.9kg).

All are doing well!

  Including big sister Charlotte.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Mini





Today, ANZAC Day 2022, in small towns

throughout Australia, New Zealand

and at many sites overseas…

…people of all ages will gather before sunrise

to attend Dawn Services and remember

Wreaths will be laid at local monuments


…to acknowledge the sacrifices made by those

who did, and did not, return from

the Great War and all subsequent conflicts

in which the Australian Military

has participated.

In the afternoon

Collingwood and Essendon football teams

will do battle in what has become one of

the highlights of the

Australian Football League calendar.

With COVID restrictions now lifted a maximum

of 100,024 fans will be allowed into the

Melbourne Cricket Ground

to watch the match which will commence

after ANZAC Day ceremonies

are completed with all in attendance

observing a minute’s silence.


Lest We Forget





a hard mineral consisting of silica,
found widely in igneous and metamorphic rocks
and typically occurring as colourless
or white hexagonal prisms.


Although I cannot see any green (colour vision loss)

in this Amythest now, which may be due

to using an on-camera flash for the photo,

I thought I could when I purchased it for MGW

for our 35th wedding anniversary a month or so ago. 

The stone is an Amythest (our birthstone)

which, according to Google, is

a member of the quartz family.







the anniversary of the day on which a person was born,

typically treated as an occasion for celebration

and the giving of gifts


The pandemic stopped many events…


…however, family birthdays continued…


…albeit in a smaller format.

Earlier this year, we celebrated

the first birthday of our first grandchild.


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a state of awed admiration or respect

Wonderment was an ideal adjective to describe

our Granddaughter’s reaction to some special

treats on her first birthday.

 Just lucky mum was nearby to

save her hand from the flame.






kids ‘n’ treats


A still from a short video we received yesterday.

Just had to signify the day.

An open-air, family get together is planned

for Saturday along with up to 60 ml of rain,

according to the weather forecast.

Is this for me?

A birthday cake,

with all her favourite foods.


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