Happy Valentine’s Day


A bit early in our household…


due to a very early start in the morning.



 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


This week is MGW’s birthday. 

MGW received some birthday cards

from some of her students.

This was one was from

a 13 year-old, Year 8 student.

The front cover.

Please take a better look at the dog,

than I did…before moving on.



 Now focus on the pre-written inscription.

The girl’s mother was horrified at the thought

of her daughter giving this card to a teacher.

MGW and I think  it’s gorgeous.

How about you?

I hope

don’t mind me publishing their card.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Christmas Morning Disaster


Christmas Day did not commence as well

as it should have this year.

  MGW’s first task was to prepare some roast pumpkin

for lunch at her sister’s place.

So first thing out of bed…

down to the kitchen….

utensils at the ready.

Next thing was the pumpkin,

which had been stored in our pantry

for a couple of days due to a fridge full of food.

She reached for said pumpkin and

her fingers penetrated the skin.

With thoughts of salvaging some of it for lunch

she attacked it with the carving knife

only to be sprayed with smelly pumpkin juice.

Yes!  It was rotten.  To the core!

I am certain that I stored home grown pumpkins

for weeks in an old shed many years ago.

So much for the Fresh Food Supermarket!!!!

Sister-in-law’s telephone is not answering

so carrots have been substituted for pumpkin.

The thing is…if someone else is cooking carrots also

we are going to have good eyesight way into 2018.


Merry Christmas,

to one and all…

as we  head off for our

Christmas Lunch with family…followed by

an evening meal at Number 2 Son’s house

where his In-Laws will also join us.

Daily Prompt-Neighbours



Every now and again our neighbour, Scooter,

comes over and enjoys

the early morning sun.

This does tend to upset Taji and Candi

(young Labrador and Kelpie respectively),

however, our two have no qualms about

spending time in Scooter’s backyard.