African babies taking shelter Baby giraffe sheltering in the shade.



Baby elephant sheltering among the family adults.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Shelter







This past week, I read…

or heard that an elephant’s wrinkles…

are designed to keep it cool.

So that will be my excuse for wrinkles as I near

the beginning of my eight decade.  🙂


October 2018 Photography Inspirations: Tall Buildings




Black and White Challenge.


My initial thoughts were of planes

for the In Flight challenge.

However, I discovered…

I had more images of…

birds in flight than planes.


This kingfisher hovering for lunch,

in Botswana’s Okavango Delta,

is one of my favourites.


Cees-BW-Photo-Challenge: In-Flight





My emptiness post comes from our travels

in Botswana in 2014.

  I will never forget approaching this site.

 I was absolutely we were approaching a long grey wall

out in the north-eastern reaches of the Kalahari Desert.

Nothing so mysterious, just the water

at Nata Bird Sanctuary.


Makgadikgadi Salt Pans.

What this impala lives on is beyond me.

If these shots don’t epitomise emptiness

I don’t know what does…

However, we both felt that these shots…


epitomise our preconceived thoughts of what Africa

would look like.


Pic and Word Challenge: Emptiness

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Red


Commencing with the hardest to see red…

That little patch of red on the Red Rump Parrot. 

Although this weaver appears orange,

or close to it, it is known as

the Red Weaver. 

Sighted in Botswana. 

Spread throughout Africa?


I wonder what’s behind the red doors?


A red channel marker in Corio Bay. 

The darter is enjoying the morning sun.

Finally, part of last year’s cherry harvest.




Having never heard of the word ‘riparian

on any previous occasion…

I discovered that it simply refers to

being ‘situated or dwelling on the bank of a river,

or other body of water.’


I think our accommodation at Maun, Botswana,

fits that description aptly…

as both our accommodation and the resort

were less than a stone’s throw from…

one of the Okavango Delta’s many water ways.


And I never did ask if this was a flooded fence,

or a fence in water to keep some of the

water-loving creatures away from

the tourists front door.


Word of the Day Challenge: Riparian



When I saw the challenge was strength… 

I immediately thought of elephants.

These gentle giants know they have the strength

to damage a vehicle but it is

only now and again they do so.   

And then it is probably a young male or rogue,

both of which have not been

disciplined by their family

On our first visit to Africa we were told

that if an elephant is in a bad mood

it will possibly rip you rear view mirror

from your car, then

hand it back through the window. 

Up until now I have only met happy elephants.  


Wits End Weekly Photo Challenge: Strength