A fast moving Scrub Robin…

…more than once left me with a photo

of nothing apart from stones and leaves.








I have never felt more…

…isolated than when on Botswana’s

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans.








work jointly on an activity or project.

Just finished breakfast one morning

in the Okavango Delta of Botswana. 

A Kudu appears running top speed

along the water’s edge about 50 metres away. 

A few seconds alter an African Wild Dog

comes loping along. 

We watched them out of sight in stunned silence,

then noticed two more Wild Dogs enter

through an opening in the trees.

Our guide told us that the Johnny Come Latelys

were probably supposed to take up the chase.

Due to their late arrival they had

no sight or scent of their mate.

The pair eventually found their way back

to our camp, some 200 metres from where

we first sighted them, and spent precious time

trying to pick up the scent of the third, or first, dog.

the inability of the pair, dogs 2 and 3,

to collaborate properly, in all likelihood

cost them a feed that day.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Collaborate







* not taken by force; not captured.

In early morning sun at Lekhubu Island, Botswana,

trying to capture a photograph of the

fast moving small Kalahari Scrub Robin,

was difficult to say the least.

One second it appeared calm.

Then it was off in a flurry of movement and dirt

as it darted away on its next crazy run.


After nearly 100 shots I was left with images

of the ground upon which my Robin

was standing a split second earlier

and many others, like this one.

Almost a total miss.

It took patience and perseverance

to capture some half decent images

of my subject.



Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk223 – Untaken




Shadows on a church roof in Geelong.

Lift off on our flight over Botswana’s

Okavango Delta



A Kalahari Shrub Robin casts a morning shadow







A good looking gull.



Our first morning in Botswana.




Seagull…Corio Bay


I like the way the colour of the sky

is reflected in the water.


Possibly  my all time favourite

sunrise image from Corio Bay


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