One Word Photo Challenge-Monkey






You would  think that…butter wouldn’t melt in its mouth,

wouldn’t you?


These shots taken just after it had dropped down

out of the tree and pinched the apple

MGW had on her hand bag.

We laugh (a bit) about it now,

however, if it had taken  the whole bag,

money passport etc….it may

have been a different story.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Monkey



Daily Prompt-Silhouette


The first image is at Botswana’s…

Lekhubu Island.


Early morning at Corio Bay.

Geelong’s Corio Bay, again.


Tree and cockatoos.

Colours reversed I  think.

It is an old photo.





Week 2


My first thought of a square image were of this.

I think there is a bit of an optical illusion as I only had

to trim a couple of pixels from the original

to make a 625 x 625 pixel image. 

Still looks taller to my eyes.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Square




Week 1 Signs

Signs from Australia, Botswana,

Great Britain and France.

A tradesman’s sign, or service provided,

above his/her shop door.


No fast crossings.

 Personally, I think we are more likely to say “G’day”


A tea-room in The Somme.

My favourite sign in London.

Not certain exactly where, however,

we were on our way to the Apple store.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Signs


Weekly Photo Challenge-Favourites



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Seeing as WordPress is taking a break I decided

to post some of my ‘starred’ photos from my Picasa library.


Botanic Gardens.

A sight to be seen in most gardens.

These blokes must be exceptionally fit as they smile and laugh

nearing the end of the Cadel Evans Classic in Geelong.

About as close as I am going to get to this truck.

It looks suspiciously like the Fordson Thames

which Dad bought years ago and on which

we carted thousands of bales of  hay and

thirty or forty wool clips.

An African Yellow Billed Hornbill.

Botswana leopard.


 Maybe a Botswana giraffe judging by the background.

Certainly not a zoo animal.

One of the most beautiful creatures on earth.

But with luck we/humans will shoot them to extinction.

😦 😦

Finally, dear old Ginger who passed away

a little over two years ago.

I had Ginger and her father Brandy for

an approximate total of 27 years.

Happy New Year