Black and White Tuesday17-0208


Black and White Tuesday


Commencing at…the Geelong Yacht Club.

Some local…members of….


parrot family.

Also included some of…

my One Word Photo Challenges in BW.



Hope you enjoyed.



One Word Photo Challenge-Home





These cockatoos may not call this tree their home…

however, they certainly look at home in this shot.


On the other hand this parrot is certainly at home.

At least until breeding season is over.

In 2013 we were told about the

Southern Masked (or African Masked) Weaver’s

nest building practices.

If Mrs Weaver does not like it she pulls it apart

and Mr Weaver has to start again.

In 2014, in Botswana we watched in awe

as about 20 Mr Weavers worked

frantically to prepare

their nesting homes under the

guidance of their partner.

This all took place in a tree,

in a busy shopping centre.

The photo is not up-side down.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Home


One Word Photo Challenge-Hippopotamus




This hippo is not laughing at me.

But when one hippo cracked a joke and

 the other fifteen or twenty thought it funny…


the sounds they made

sure sounded like laughter.


These two…just content filling their bellies.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Hippopotamus


Weekly Photo Challenge-Collage



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I opted for a Nature Collage this week.

All images are nature…sometimes with

some post tweaking to enhance .