Winter Sisters

(Mary Sutter, #2)

Robin Oliveira



Winter Sisters was my first Robin Oliveria bookWinter Sisters commences with huge snow storm which descends upon Albany in 1879.  The parents of two sisters are killed in the storm and many believe the sisters could not have survived either and after many days of searching they are presumed dead and a family funeral is held.

Shortly thereafter the girls, who have been held captive by their rescuer, and now predator, escape and are found by friends and relatives.  One of their captors is identified and sent for trial and defended by a young, inexperienced, lawyer from their town.  What follows is one of the best trial/courtroom scenes I have ever heard, seen or read.  To say more will only spoil the book.

I have, on the odd occasion, been known to comment negatively about narrators.  Therefore, I feel it only fitting to pass comment here about Tavia Gilbert and her narration of Winter Sisters.  Tavia’s reading of Winter Sisters was one of the best narratives, male or female, that I have heard.  Character voices were all different enough to identify and more importantly they seemed age appropriate.

The audio version of Winter Sisters is rated, by the library, as a 14 hour 36 minute book.  Two of those hours are devoted to the courtroom alone.  It seemed like an 8 hour book so quickly did time pass.

I rated

Winter Sisters

Winter Sisters (Mary Sutter, #2)

as a

four star audiobook

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Winter Sisters

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