Kelpie and Labrador…our favourite brEEds

Australian Wedge Tail EaglE

Impalas are an African medium sized antElopE

African ElEphant

Cape Barren GEEsE native to south-eastern coast of Australia,

the southern coast of Western Australia

and in south-eastern Victoria.

Sydney Harbour FEncE

Port Fairy Fishing FlEEt







missed opportunity

missing an occasion or situation that makes it possible 
to do something that you want to, or have to do,

On our last morning Botswana’s

Elephant Sands…


…I sighted this Red Breasted Weaver

doing its morning callisthenics…

Suddenly it let go of the branch and fell several feet.

Had I not been photographing it I would

have missed the opportunity to capture

the bird in freefall.







a violent disturbance of the atmosphere
with strong winds and usually rain,
thunder, lightning, or snow.

Storm clouds over Geelong,

a few years ago.


Stormy weather approaching this year.

The best time to be in the vicinity…

…of a thunderstorm is after dark…

…when lightning lights up the sky.

Especially if it is…

…a slow-moving storm.





Taji and Candi…


…in their…

…younger days.

Elephants quench their thirst at

Elephant Sands

North East Kalahari Desert


Giraffe cleaning horns

Sausage Tree Safari Camp

Greater Kruger National Park

South Africa


Cheetah at Tshukudu Bush Lodge

Walking with tourists is one way

to work up a thirst.


Crossing the Chobe River from

Botswana to Namibia


A snorkeler leading the way.

See Previous Image


Quenching the thirst in the

Okavango Delta





fleeting moments

something which lasts only for a very short time.

On our second last morning in Botswana,

I came across this Red Breasted Weaver

in the middle of its morning callisthenics.

For no known reason, it simply let go of

the branch and free fell out of shot. 

I was so lucky to capture one frame of its fall

The whole encounter probably only lasted

around 15 seconds, at best.



Another few seconds and the sun had risen out of the sea’s grasp.  


The seagull thought it was by-passing me.

What it did not realise was that it gave me

the opportunity to capture one of,

if not my best, in-flight shot, ever.


This Black Shouldered Kite was too busy

searching for lunch to notice yours truly.


Bar one camera, my gear was packed

as I began the walk back to my car. 

Suddenly the rainbow appeared.   

It was all I could do to shoot off a couple of

frames before it disappeared again. 

A truly fleeting moment.









showing a great deal of variety;
very different.



During our visits to Africa…



…we easily sighted…


…a diverse range of wildlife.


Whether at Rome’s

Trevi Fountain…

…or the Colosseum, there is

huge diversity among visitors.


Melbourne has…

…a diverse…

…range of buskers…

…both in type and age. 


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Drink










take (a liquid) into the mouth and swallow.



Impala in Kruger National Park


Wart Hog at

Sausage Tree Safari Camp

Wateering Hole

Greater Kruger National Park

South Africa



Elephant Sands

Watering Hole



Thirst quenched at

Elephant Sands




One Word Sunday Challenge:...Drink









As stated last week this image was created

for the next macro challenge

which was Cee’s Midweek-Madness

January Macro last week.

Portarlington Terns… for Betty’s

My Corner of the World Challenge





Becky’s Monday Portraits

Elephant Sands





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