Wordless Wednesday22_1130-Sydney-King’s-Cross


King’s Cross signage.


It seems all but I, knew of the

Coca-Cola sign at King’s Cross.

However, I also felt that I was the

only member of our group

who had not, previously,

visited Kings Cross.


If Coca-Cola is not your poison then

there is always O’Malleys for a beer.

I you still have not seen anything you like, or want, then

you may prefer this little strip of King’s Cross.


Wordless Wednesday22_1123-Sydney-King’s-Cross-Art


Last week I published a full version of this street art.

At the time I was fascinated to note that a part of Sydney,

which has, or had, a seedy reputation, to say the least,

also had a police station within 100 metres of

the centre of King’s Cross.