Book Review-Matter-of-Trust

Matter of Trust

(David Cavanaugh #5)

Sydney Bauer

Four school friends leave school and are now, a wealthy US Senator (Chris), a lawyer (David), a Priest (Mike) and the fourth (Marilyn) remains Chris’ lover throughout her adult years.

When Chris is accused of Marilyn’s murder old friendships are rekindled as David endeavours to defend his friend. However, their partnership is severed when the David discovers the litany of lies being told by David and his family.

An unlikely discovery of evidence proving Chris’ innocence brings David back to defend Chris only two weeks before the trial is to begin.

A suspended career cop, who was working for the prosecution, is David’s closest ally.  Together they work tirelessly to find the real killer while an arrogant prosecutor is doing his best to obstruct any further investigation into the case believing that he has the real killer on trial.

Can the real killer be exposed before the end of the trial?

And can you pick the end of this story?

I think

Matter of Trust

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is definitely a


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Matter of Trust

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