I don’t think I have images of anything particularly

hot or cold.

So, I decided to post images where the effect

of heat on cold liquid is apparent.


All images taken on June 5, 2020.

No photoshop wizardry here.

I don’t have those skills.

Editing strictly limited to:


sharpening if required,

lighting for effect

and BW conversion.




Taken from an elevated position, but not an aerial shot.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:...Hot-Cold








a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form,
that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

My entry this week consists of several photos

which I think fit the theme.

Griffin Gully sunrise.

An enhanced morning image for a room

with similar tones.



Sunrise near Griffin Gully.

I displayed this image in a local

arts show a few years ago.



Probably my favourite for 2020.

Only editing would be sharpening, lighting.

The steam is Mother Nature at her best.








The joy of fishing with…

…Grandpa…or Grandson


Or the joy Father in Law expressed after

our boys gave him a wig for his

75th birthday about ten years ago. 

That year he had been treated for breast and

at least one other type of cancer…maybe two. 

He celebrated his 86th birthday about a month ago.



A Photo a Week Challenge:….Joy










a piece of material extended on a mast
to catch the wind and propel a boat
or ship or other vessel.




Auckland, known as…


…the city of sails.

However, I think Geelong…

…could also lay claim to that title.








It appears that young Maggie did not care about comfort

the day she licked up discarded cooking wine.

MGW thought Maggie was ill…until

she smelled Maggie’s breath.  🙂




About ten days after autumn rain

grass seeds begin to pop through

seeking warm sunshine.



Perhaps the rope is not as tangled

as it could be…

..so I added some rectangles of

which there are plenty.


I was wishing some of the tourists had stayed away

the day we visited Rome’s

Trevi Fountain.



It seems a life time ago since I was able

to jump like this without any concern

for the damage it was doing to my knees.


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Mainly reflected shadows…


….and all from…

…from the…

…City of Geelong.


A lone image from the shores of

Ballarat’s, Lake Wendouree.


Cee’s Black & White Challeng:  Shadow-Reflections








Mostly under African sun today.

Soon to be a setting sun over Namibia…

…and Botswana’s Chobe River.

Waiting on Chobe River for

sundown over Namibia.

Nearing sundown in

Greater Kruger National Park


Under Geelong Winter Sun.


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