Weekly Photo Challenge-Door



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Doors from Geelong and Melbourne this week.

door_1943A Catholic Church door.
door_1855A Uniting Church door,

both found in Geelong.

door_0478A bright splash of red stood out against

the drab colours of old Melbourne

during last weekend’s Laneways walk.

I would have taken a full length shot except

for a bright red car parked in front.
door_0494Eye catching for other reasons is this

wrought iron and solid wood door.

Flinders-St-Stn_0064It could be argued that Flinders Street Station (above)

and Southern Cross Stations are

the railway doorways to Melbourne.

Eastern Victorian Rural trains carrying passengers

to Melbourne terminate at Flinders Street,

while Southern Cross Station caters for

passengers arriving from the west of the state.

Flinders-St-Stn-clocks_0064My parents often talked about

meeting under the clocks at Flinders Street,

in mid last century.

However, today meeting under Flinders Street clocks

is still common.

Those who know better, several decades ago,

decided to upgrade the clocks to digital format.

I think this may have cost a clock winder his job.

I am fairly certain that public pressure brought about

a return of a digitally operated the clock face.

Flinders Street Station’s other claim to fame is that

 was the first railway station in an Australia City

(Thank you Wikipedia)


Floral Friday-15-07-03


Floral Friday Challenge.


During winter our garden is always colourful.
Snow_Flake_1961aMost of the colour is provided by daisy type flowers, however,

we do have some snowflakes, which came with us when we moved.

alyssum_0432aTiny alssyum flowers be found at the foot of our

Manchurian Pear and in many other spots in the garden.

wattle_0129Not in our garden and photographed a few weeks ago

on a foggy morning is this Cootamundra Wattle

(a member of the Acacia family).

The thing I need to replicate with this shot is the background.

I have heard of using a flash in daylight the darken backgrounds,

but never attempted it.  This shot, however,

is simply the result of poking a lens out a car window.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday






Cee’s Black and White Challenge:

Sculptures, Statues, Carvings.


A bit of everything from random places…
statue_2314A garden statue in a main street of Geelong.

statue_0029This carved statue is part of a recently opened look out

over looking Morrabool Valley a

statue_5200Self explanatory and much prettier on colour.

statue_1911BWFinally, two human statues.

This photo the result of Photoshop.

I had my camera on auto.

December sun ensured that the resulting image

was nearly a silhouette.

statue_0004Last Sunday the single human statue had multiplied and

still had crowds enthralled.

I think only one was human but could not swear to that.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Sculptures-Statues-Carvings



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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Numbers-Letters


My contribution for this week’s

Fun Foto Challenge


 Numbers & Letters


Last weekend’s Melbourne Laneways walk has provided

me with another lot of photos for this week’s challenge.

letters_0539Letters make words which can be made into signs…

letters_0540or they can appear random.

However, in this context these letters probably

are a ‘tag’ by which the artist is known.


letters_0556Nothing is safe from paint in these lanes.

letters_0035Was interesting to see whole lanes with similar signs

announcing each business.

numbers_0485Finishing with a few numbers

numbers_0021Then a combination of letters and Roman numerals

tells us the time of day.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Numbers&Letters

image ~~~~~


Black and White Tuesday15-3006


Black and White Tuesday

 June  30, 2015


A variation on my usual Black and White Tuesday post,

again this week.


I decided that Melbourne’s Laneways did not look

as good in Black and White…

laneways_0469but were more suited to sepia tones.
laneways_0466One thing about the laneways is that…

laneways_0454there are plenty of scenes to photograph.

This should have been posted yesterday…

however family takes precedence I’m afraid.

Which is another way of saying

I had not prepared a post for Tuesday. :-)


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday_15-July-01

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A variation on my usual Wordless Wednesday post, this week.

I found this job advertisement online on Tuesday.

Apparently grammatical and spelling skills are not required.

Apart from a very minor alteration to the email address,

this is exactly how it appeared online.


Assistant Photographer Wanted

We are looking for a Assistant photographer to work with us from time to time We are a geelong bases Photography Bussiness that is available nation wide we offer all sorts of photography in many areas. no Quallification experience trained needed but must be willing to learn Applicant will be needed be flexable on work hours and location. tasks include- Taking Photographs Editing Meeting with clients Traveling interstate working long hours Working with people Aplicant Must Have: Own Camera A computer and knolledge of how to use it. Having your own equiptment would be benificial but not necicary Applicant Must be willing to- work long hours standing travel interstate at the drop of a hat ( we usualy have notice) work weekend and nights. dress formal for any occasion (dress code described in interview) We will suply- Bussiness cards Work uniform (shirts) and some stationary if this is the job for you please Email your resume (or a letter) along with a list of the equipment you have. to Samcom + click to reveal


I counted well over 40 errors,

probably could have made 50 without effort,

if I had concentrated a little more

Just think how hard we all worked on

spelling and grammar

during our school days…


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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Craftyspices.com_Wordless Wednesday

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