the place where one lives permanently,
especially as a member of a family
or household.

When we purchased our farm I was so happy

that it came with two mature date palms.

That happiness last only a few months when

all the dead fronds began to fall and I had

one or two fronds pierced my hands.


These are the sort of homes that require…


…little or no maintenance.







Black and White Challenge.


I would have thought a higher fence

would have been more appropraite for

South African Safari Camps. 

However, this one at

Sauasage Tree Safari Camp

seemed to work.


This is the type of fence that I have spent

a life time building and removing…


…and these knots are how we join fence wire. 


Home made gate


Back gates into

Geelong Grammar School


Sydney Harbour Bridge





-for more than one – benches, couches,



make (something) appear larger than it is,
especially with a lens or microscope.

The original is quite an ordinary shot…


…until the image is magnified and cropped

which accentuates the colours and

the weed’s fragility.











a small swirling mass of something,
especially snow or leaves,
moved by sudden gusts of wind.

On Sunday, April 15, 2018, I noticed a bit of a flurry

in the backyard out of the corner of my eye.

A second glance sent me scurrying for my

camera to capture this image.

My guess is that hawk tired of mudlark’s

persistently aggressive behaviour

and decided to end the problem.