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Odd Ball

Week 34, 2017


Not an Odd Ball photo this week, more an oddity which seems to be on the increase on our internet.

Over recent weeks I have been posting items

for sale for my Father-in-law.

He is downsizing.

One such item was this hand painted vase.

Below is the advertisement I posted on Facebook after researching how old ‘Vintage’ items should be to be called ‘vintage’

August 12 at 11:08am

Vintage Hand Painted Vase
Asking $40.00 O.N.O
Approx 10 cm high
Excellent condition
The 1978 image was found inside the top
Definitely a New Vintage (20+ years) piece, and well on the way to being a True Vintage (50+ years) item……based on the 1978 date.

Deceased estate and downsizing, no further use.
Local pick up only at…….


And this is a comment I received:

You need a new calculator as its only 39 years young not more than 50 as you’ve stated! 2017- 1978 = 39.


This is the Facebook work history and education of that person.

Student – certificate IV & Diploma in Accounting

Ambulance    Accounts Receivable Officer

Department of Human Services-Housing Services Officer

Telephone Company – Customer service representative

Real Estate- Property Manager

Real Estate, Property Manager


Institute of Technical And Further Education 

Actively pursuing a Diploma in Accounting

Achieved a Certificate IV in Accounting

University Class of Early 2000s · Bachelor of Rural Social Welfare Studies


Personally, I think

Literacy and Customer/Public Relations courses

should be next on the agenda, me thinks.

Do you have these situations arise in your area?


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Week-34









Jo’s Monday Walk


Lochnagar Crater

 Part 1: Lochnagar Crater

 Part 2 The Moles of Lochnagar

Part 3: The Women of The Great War

Part 4: Being Involved

Approaching Lochnagar Crater,

the first thing to catch you eye is

a giant cross which overlooks the Crater.

DC Photography

Originally donated and erected in 1986 it suffered from lightning strikes and storm damage and yielded to the elements in August 2010.  Over 20 feet in length the original Cross was made from wood from ‘…a deconsecrated Northumberland church…’, with 6 feet of it being below ground level.

A new Cross made of ‘…new green English oak…’ wand was erected in 2011.


Click here for more information about the Cross.

As visitors commenced their walk around the Crater it is hard…

not to notice these plaques along the boardwalk.

My initial thought was that they were dedicated

to soldiers who fought in and around…

Lochnagar and the Ovillers-la-Boisselle area of France.

However, I began to notice these plaques

and signs as well and another thought 

began to take shape in my mind.  

A few emails and the exchange of some

Aussie dollars for British Pounds…

 and this photo arrived in my email.

Now I must point out that my Grandfather

was one of a dozen soldiers required to fire that shot.

He did not give the order to fire and as far as I know

he did not pull he trigger (so to speak),

but he was part of the crew that fired

the first allied shot in anger

a less than 4 hours after War had been declared

in London.

Now I have an excuse to revisit France one day.


More information can be found at the below links,

or by Googling First Shot World War I



Next week we move on!



Jo’s Monday Walk



Jo’s Monday Walk


Lochnagar Crater

 Part 3…Women

Part 1: Lochnagar Crater

 Part 2 The Moles of Lochnagar

Part 3: The Women of The Great War

Part 4: Being Involved

This week is dedicated to all the women who

served during World War War I

Among the foxholes surrounding

Lochnagar Crater…

is perhaps the only

Western Front memorial

dedicated to…

the women who served in

the Great War.

The meorial was donated by

  Wenches in trenches

Click above or below for their website or

their Facebook Page

A simple…


but powerful memorial…

which describes the feelings of all who…


came in contact with the women…


of The Great War.

My Grandfather was one of those soldiers

who was thankful for skilled nursing staff

helping him back to good health

after being gassed on the Western Front.



Jo’s Monday Walk




Black and White Challenge:

Small Subjects


I always think of the words

relative and subjective

when considering this topic

An Agapanthus flower consists of

many smaller flowers creating one large bloom,

which in turn makes the bee look small.

Looking a little closer and the anthers

make the bee look huge, by comparison.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Small