Black and White Challenge:



I really don’t know how I missed last week’s post.

Better late than never, I guess.

Some wildlife again.

giraffe_0034I never thought I would see a giraffe scratching

the back of its head..

but I did and it was very relieved.

elephant_N2266Whenever we saw this sight, our guide would say

‘..there goes the hole of Africa..’

Never did work out why he referred to the back of the ears

as the whole of Africa. ;-) :-D


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Back-of-Things




Black and White Tuesday15-0610


Black and White Tuesday

 October 06, 2015


Thanks to a poor internet connection this post is late…

a day late.

melbourne-skyline_7727I have previously posted a coloured version of

Melbourne’s skyline taken from Williamstown,

a western suburb of Melbourne.

After playing around with it again decided to include it here, as well.

pelicans-landing_7776aIn the opposite direction was this wedding reception venue

Pelican’s Landing.



Hope you enjoyed.



Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge

Week 1

How your camera is not like your eye.


I have chosen a shot of a

New Holland Honey Eater

which has been visiting our years of recent weeks.  Even my first version (lens set at 300 mm) of this shot does not take in all that the eye can see.  And I would be really concerned if our neighbour’s trees were as blurry to the naked eye.  However, the camera has isolated the bird from its back ground.


Many of my photos are taken like the first image and then

cropped to further isolate the subject and create impact.

The look in its eyes, I am sure, is telling me where to go.


This is about as far as I could comfortably crop the photo.

Even here it needs to be viewed at a distance.

However, we could not get this view of our wildlife (large or small)

without zooming in on, editing or cropping our shots.

Enlarged and behind glass and no-one would see

the imperfections that we, as photographers, see.

Now,  Cee has asked us to take photos at our ‘comfortable focal length‘.

Unfortunately I don’t know what mine is!!

I tend to take photos choosing a focal length that, I think,

will make a good photo, then if necessary

I will crop it further…

in fact my cropping tool is often my first editing step,

followed by sharpening.


Help Please!

I was very tempted to place this in the Odd Ball post this week but decided to keep it a special post instead.

Last week MGW decided that we are going to visit Europe in 2016.  A travel agent has recommended a hotel in London which has a tariff of around $AUD600 per night…which is waaaayyyy to rich for our pockets.  We are planning 3 nights in London prior to crossing the Channel…three times 600 equals an economy return airfare from Australia to just about anywhere in the world.

If anyone can recommend a good inexpensive hotel/accommodation in London it would be very much appreciated.  Or even pass on a comment regarding an area.

We have spent the weekend searching for accommodation and were wondering what the Waterloo area was like.

During my 1976 visit I stayed at the Walkabout Club, somewhere near Hyde Park.

I was single, didn’t mind bunking in with like-minded single Aussies and have a few amusing memories from my nights there and at a nearby B&B.

I just don’t understand why MGW does not see the value in that style  of accommodation ;-)

An email to dc2012@y7mail.com will find me or simply add a comment here.  I have not read a post of this ilk on any other blogs so hope this is not an inappropriate use of Social Media.

Thank you in anticipation of at least some replies.

Travel Theme-Intense




Travel Theme.


This scene attracted my attention, a few weeks ago.

clouds_7650-bHowever I needed to intensify the blueness of the sky

to enhance the clouds.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Intense




Weekly Photo Challenge-Boundaries



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



geelong-beach_0163Geelong’s Promenade creates an ideal boundary

for young swimmers to enjoy themselves

in relative safety.

bridge_0031Fencing and native grass boundaries.

train_0128The orange and yellow lines are not to be crossed

while trains are pulling into, or leaving, platforms.

drakensberg-mountains_0283However, this is my kind of boundary.

The Drakensberg mountain range creates a fantastic view

from the Sausage Tree Safari Camp deck, South Africa.


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