Thunder Point,



Saint Kilda Pier,


Point Roadknight,


Corio Bay,








In June 2018 was the first time I had ever

set foot on American soil and that

soil was all located in Alaska.

Creek Street or the Red Light District

in Ketchikan was our first walk on American soil.

A surprising sign to see in Alaska.

The owner told us he spent half his time in Alaska

and the other half in Australian mining opals.

Unfortunately, today, Google tells me they are

not genuine Aussie Opals,

but created in a laboratory.

Believe who you will!

MGW was determined to have a ride in a husky drawn sled.

Mendenhall Glacier was our first pre-booked excursion for said ride.

What was not stated was that there were also husky puppies on site.

As our rife back into Juneau was held up at the airport

and said bundles of fur were brought out for a loving cuddle


Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk216 – America




Black and White Challenge.


A definition of bench is a seat upon which

two or more people may sit.

So two out-door benches…

which meet that definition.


This photo is of a very different ‘bench’…

and this, a view from that bench.

The 2016 census put the population of Steiglitz at 53.

In the 1860s-1890s the gold rush population

was over 1,000 and was probably the reason

for the construction of the Court House.

Finally, a work  bench I made a few weeks ago.

It was made to take the pressure off my back and knees.

  And I think it fits my definition…

two or more people could sit upon it. 🙂


Cees-Black-White-Photo-Challenge: Benches



Black and White Tuesday18-0410


Black and White Tuesday



We drove to Anglesea to visit a nursery last week and returned via a different road…along which we discovered this…


The road was narrow and busy enough

for a country back road,

so we only paused long enough

to take a photo.

 I think the sign says it all.

It would have suited Cee’s Trucks BW

had I remembered.



Hope you enjoyed.



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Letter-G


My contribution for

this week’s challenge


 Needs to include letter G

(log, goggle, geometry, lodge)


First up some…

Greenery from…


our Garden.

 A Gold rim Glass.


Point Roadknight at Anglesea.

Last, but not least a Galah tearing up our back yard.


Wordless Wednesday17_2809

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Black and White Tuesday in colour.~~~~~


As I mentioned in the BW post playing around with

an under exposed pre-dawn first shot.

Using only Picasa 3 as an editing tool,

I often think these abstract type photos

look nicer than the real deal.

The main reason being that after hearing

MGW comment that this or that painting

does not work with our house colour scheme,

these photos can be manipulated to suit any decor.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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Black and White Tuesday17-2709


Black and White Tuesday


Still at Anglesea.



 Playing around with a very underexposed

pre-dawn first shot.

A Picasa Heat Map filter and

followed by the BW filter.

Colour versions next post.



Hope you enjoyed.



One Word Photo Challenge-Kangaroo






While at Clear Lake Manitoba, in 1976,

I befriended, or vice versa,

a holidaying Canadian family.

One of the outings Mr Canada and I had

was a game of  golf, where after one of our

T-shots we had to wait for a brown bear to

cross the fairway.

Just down the road, at Anglesea Golf Course,

some of our native wildlife

keep the fairways  trimmed,

much to the delight of both

holiday maker and tourists alike.

Not so sure if the locals really

appreciated them though.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Kangaroo


Wordless Wednesday17_2009

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Black and White Tuesday in colour.



 I had my Sigma 50-500 out at full stretch

to capture a colourful patch of the horizon.

 Not sure if it is sun rays light the wave

in the foreground or if it is

just commencing to break.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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