Travel Theme-Steps




 Travel Theme.


Steps from all over this week.

Some Viennese steps.

 At St Paul de Vence near Nice.

 Even the Vatican had a healthy set of steps.


This area of coastline is near

The Twelve Apostles

and is known as

Gibson Steps.

My destination was the Apostles so this was

only to be a brief stop.

On the day I did not see the steps

but the size of the couple on the sand

left me in no doubt that I

would not be looking for them, that day.


Where’s My Backpack: Steps




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Letter-E


My contribution for

this week’s challenge


Words with 2 Es


This week’s challenge words containing TWO e’s. First up a helicopter following a bike race. 

It was estimated that we sighted near on

3,000 elephants during  our trip through Botswana.  

Each and everyone was a delight to see…we thought.  

So when one of our country men, in  another group,

said  ‘…seen one, you’ve seen them all….’

he was disowned, ostracised, by us…at least.

An interesting animal.

Almost seemed domesticated,

but still killed other wildlife for a feed.


On guard duty at the manor.

Melbourne Zoo.


Wordless Wednesday17_2009

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Black and White Tuesday in colour.



 I had my Sigma 50-500 out at full stretch

to capture a colourful patch of the horizon.

 Not sure if it is sun rays light the wave

in the foreground or if it is

just commencing to break.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (

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Week 105


About four years ago we awoke to find….

the hills and mountains around Mt Sheba Lodge…

in South Africa, covered in a veil of mist, or fog.


However, that fog was not a patch one the one

which shrouded Geelong’s…

Queen’s Park Golf Course

in early August 2017.


Pic and Word Challenge: Veil

Black and White Tuesday17-1909


Black and White Tuesday


A 0430 start this Monday morning to 

arrive at Anglesea before sunrise.

I discovered at 1630 that I was not the only one

awake at 0430!  Oops!

Worth the drive.

Though I must confess I will be happy to… 

finish up tonight.

Colour on Wednesday.



Hope you enjoyed.



Book Review-Naked-Heat-A-Bloody-Storm


Naked Heat


A Bloody Storm


Richard Castle


Naked Heat

Read: April 10, 2011

Fans of the TV series Castle may enjoy Naked Heat.  It closely follows the TV series with the exception of the characters’ names which are all fictitious anyway.  Writing a review about a work of fiction written by a fictitious author is weird; but it is worth a read.

While I may have declared Naked Heat worth a read, three years later I was not as generous with the next Richard Castle offering, A Bloody Storm.

A Bloody Storm

February 21, 2014

A feather weight story.  Fast-paced and a bit corny.

I rated both

Naked Heat & A Bloody Storm

 Image result for naked heat richard castle                 Image result for a bloody storm richard castle



Goodreads readers have rated

Naked Heat

an average of 3.75 stars from 19,560 ratings and 1,809 reviews

The same reading group rated

A Bloody Storm

an average of 3.75 stars from 3,654 ratings and 226 reviews

Naked Heat and A Bloody Storm

can be purchased on-line at

FishpondBooktopia and Amazon