Sometimes I am.

But most times I eagerly embrace it!  😉

This is an appropriate post for this week, even though late.

The Pub Wall has been letting me down

so I have resorted to some Facebook images for a while.

As always if they are yours and you want me

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Friday Follies19-07-S4-Ep-2

This challenge hosted by Proscenium



Wordless Wednesday19_0717

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A ‘blue hour’ shot of

Geelong Foreshore.

June 14, 2019.

Cunningham Pier lights

on extreme left.


Hope you enjoyed.





I have posted this escape more than once, it fits so nicely.

 Maggie dispatched this Dachshund intruder from our backyard.

Both were happy to see the fence.

Dachshund because it could escape.

Maggie because she escaped any further chasing.

Her job completed, shed trotted back

to the backdoor very satisfied with herself.

However, there was no escape for these husky puppies…


…was once MGW  and another female traveller

had them in their grasp.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Escape





My first thoughts were of Australia

because of its status as the island continent. 

New Zealand was a fast finishing second

because we visited in 2018.However, I opted for Lekhubu Island which is located

somewhere in the Sua (or Sowa) Salt Pan

in the Makgadikgadi region of Botswana’s

Kalahari Desert.  

Lekhubu Island has two main features.   

First, it rises above the surrounding salt pans by a few metres. 

Second, is its Baobab trees

 And possibly third, it appeared to have

a clear horizon for 360 degrees.

Several photos have been roughly stitched together

to form this panoramic shot of

our drive into Lekhubu Island.




The salt pans dried up several thousand years ago.

Back then the scene may have looked a bit like this.

However, according to Google there is still water

in these pans during the summer wet  season.

We visited in September.

The drive over the pan lasted several hours.