Down Under places to visit in

Sydney and Melbourne.


It has been around 50 years since my first

and only visit to the Opera House.

  Such a memorable visit and if

you do visit the Sydney Opera House…


…you will get a good view of the Harbour Bridge.

When you visit Melbourne the

Victorian National Art Gallery

is situated on Skilda Road,

a short walk from the

Flinders Street Station.   

It is located under the white spire. 

A ten-minute tram ride out to

Saint Kilda Pier is well worth it for

some very nice city skyline views.

If shopping in Bourke Street (CBD)…


…why not visit the

Royal Arcade…

…and see Gog and Magog

ring out the hour.


The Rod Laver Arena, home to the

Australian Tennis Open,

in January, is literally across

the road from…

…the Melbourne Cricket Ground

where the 1956 Olympics

and the 2006 Commonwealth Games were held.

Regular tours of the MCG and the Sports Museum

are available if you are that way inclined.





Black and White Challenge.


Dome Clock


Arched windows in Sydney,

New South Wales.


More arches on

Sydney Harbour Bridge…


Finally, the main arch of

Sydney Harbour Bridge





-for more than one – benches, couches,






Black and White Challenge.


I would have thought a higher fence

would have been more appropraite for

South African Safari Camps. 

However, this one at

Sauasage Tree Safari Camp

seemed to work.


This is the type of fence that I have spent

a life time building and removing…


…and these knots are how we join fence wire. 


Home made gate


Back gates into

Geelong Grammar School


Sydney Harbour Bridge





-for more than one – benches, couches,




These young legs were admiring…

…not so young legs.


Sunbaking legs in Sydney.



Walking in the rain.


Sunbaking in Geelong

Bare Feet


Swamphen legs and feet


Sunbaker’s feet

Feeding a vulture at South Africa’s

Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.






Old Sydney


Old Doors

Venice door along the

Grand Canal

(I think)


I had heard that Venice is sinking,

however, I did not know the canals were tidal. 

Note the tidal marks on the walls and

then note the floor level at the door

behind the gondolier. 

Some doors were rotting along the bottom

which created an interesting and unexpected odour

to help remember our gondola ride .


One Word Sunday Challenge:…Door









Mid-morning Fog


Sydney Harbour Fence


Port Fairy Beach


Moorabool Valley


Bunjil Lookout




Wordless Wednesday22_1130-Sydney-King’s-Cross


King’s Cross signage.


It seems all but I, knew of the

Coca-Cola sign at King’s Cross.

However, I also felt that I was the

only member of our group

who had not, previously,

visited Kings Cross.


If Coca-Cola is not your poison then

there is always O’Malleys for a beer.

I you still have not seen anything you like, or want, then

you may prefer this little strip of King’s Cross.





an ornamental structure in a pool or lake from which
one or more jets of water are pumped into the air.

Dubai Mall Fountain


Ross Fountain

Butchart Gardens,

Vancouver Island,

British Columbia,


El Alamein fountain,

King’s Cross


New South Wales



Mirabel Palace Fountain




Wordless Wednesday22_1123-Sydney-King’s-Cross-Art


Last week I published a full version of this street art.

At the time I was fascinated to note that a part of Sydney,

which has, or had, a seedy reputation, to say the least,

also had a police station within 100 metres of

the centre of King’s Cross.





Black and White Challenge.


These types of picnic tables are scattered

along the coastal regions of Geelong


Pieces of driftwood make handy seating at

Torquay’s Surf Beaches.

Curved seating at Sydney’s


New South Wales


Another version of the first image


Queensland’s Paronella Park provided

its guests with picnic tables and seating

made of stone, concrete and it’s quite possible

that the wood seats were preceded

by concrete slabs


I am reasonably certain that my Grandmother

who then owned our local post office

had a similar bench seat out the front

for locals to sit on while having

a breather and a chat.





-for more than one – benches, couches,