the action of defending from
or resisting attack.

It is rather difficult guage which is the agressor…

and which is the defender…

…however, this image should clear any lingering doubts.






an object for holding or transporting something

Crystal cream and sugar containers

Liquid containers

Railway trucks, similar to these would

transport fertiliser to our local railway station

and bales of wool away to market.


Candi being transported to the land of nod

in her homemade bed.


A department store container designed

to carry items purchased that

we did not need.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Containers





an ornamental structure in a pool or lake from which
one or more jets of water are pumped into the air.

Dubai Mall Fountain


Ross Fountain

Butchart Gardens,

Vancouver Island,

British Columbia,


El Alamein fountain,

King’s Cross


New South Wales



Mirabel Palace Fountain








(of a period of time or way of life)
free from worries or problems.

I can assure all readers that this photo was

not staged in any way, shape, or form.


Candi was not under any stress during this shoot…


…she chose to pose in this manner.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Easy






Brandy will go down as the best dog I have ever owned. 

Every time I looked out the kitchen window

Brandy’s face would be looking back at me

from the back of my little truck.


In his Buckethead days, which lasted

around six weeks due to an eye infection,

He was quick to accept that the bucket

was part of his dress code

and that he had to wear it until

he was told otherwise.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Face









the action of interfering or the process
of being interfered with.

I simply don’t know how Taji tolerates Candi…


…wherever and whatever Taji is doing…

…I just know Candi will be hanging on to Taji’s ear

and still, Taji tolerates the interference.






the action of staying where one is or delaying action
until a particular time or event.

Two young pups waiting…


…or the boss to have her fill.

It didn’t matter what was on my truck,

I knew Brandy would also find room

to sit and wait for me…


… to have lunch or a cup of coffee.

He was faithful, and always waiting for me.