control exerted to do something
or restrain impulses.


Dear old Maggie had no willpower when she discovered

the dregs of cooking wine that MGW had emptied on the ground.

We thought she was ill until her breath hit us

with all the force recycled wine could muster.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:…Willpower




a feeling of deep distress caused by loss,
disappointment, or other misfortune
suffered by oneself or others.

Taji began adopting this pose at a very young age. 

It does not matter if she has had

oodles of time off the chain she still

adopts this sorrowful pose if she thinks

it will have any effect.






the fact of having committed a specified
or implied offence or crime.

It may be circumstantial evidence that

convicted Maggie…

…of digging in the garden, and…

…althought we never found the spot where

she committed her crime, her guilt-laden expression

after being caught was compelling to sway the jury.







Three of my treasures…

I purchased this painting while passing through

Alice Springs (Northern Territory)  in April 1975

on one of the best camping holidays,

I can remember.


Dear old Brandy.

  Fourteen years of the best and most

loyal dog I have ever known.



Born in March last year my final treasure is our first grandchild.

Fingers crossed we have two more arrivals: one

in early August and a sibling for this one.

The other in early October.

I hope the unborn are not infected by covid

because both expectant Mums have had covid

this past week or so.


Lens-Artist PC Patti:…Treasures

Lens-Artist PC Leya:...Treasures

Lens-Artist PC Amy:…Treasures

Lens-Artist PC Tina:...Treasures

Lens Artist PC Anne:…Treasures

Lens Artist PC Sofia:…Treasures

Lens Artist PC John:…Treasures





eat, drink, or ingest
(food or drink)

Taji will stop dead in her racks to locate

a previously undiscovered morsel she

has caught the scent off.

And as soon as she worked out how to remove food

from her kong, she was able to consume a feed

from the kong nearly as quickly as from her bowl.

  Considering the kong was supposed to slow her eating

we rated it an epic fail.