a statement of facts

On August 5th, 1914 this group of men fired

the first allied shot of World War I

At 1245 hours, they were ordered

to stop the German freighter the Pfalz

from leaving Port Phillip Bay.

This was only a few hours after War

had been declared in England.


On August 5th, 2014 a memorial service

was held at Point Nepean National Park

to commemorate the event which took

place there 100 hundred years earlier.

My grandfather was part of the gun crew 

that fired the first shot of World War I.

and all descendants were invited to attend.









Point Nepean from Point Lonsdale

Point Nepean is on the lower strip of land.


 Point Lonsdale Lighthouse from Point Nepean.










a fortified emplacement for heavy guns.

The gun emplacement from which

the First Shot of…


…World War I was fired

from Point Nepean

at the entrance to


Port Phillip Bay.







the distance from the top or surface
to the bottom of something.

Looking west from Point Nepean to Point Lonsdale Lighthouse.

During my school days, I am sure we were told that

the entrance to Port Phillip Bay, known as The Rip,

was only 6 fathoms (36 feet) deep.



Point Nepean from Point Lonsdale Lighthouse.

Google states that Port Phillip Bay’s deepest portion

is only 24 metres (79 ft) and that half of

the bay is shallower than 8 m (26 ft).







Commencing with…


…Moorabool Valley…


From Point Nepean with

Point Lonsdale Lighthouse

in the distance.

All shipping must negotiate the

narrow and shallow stretch

of water in between as they

enter and leave Port Phillip Bay.

From the Point Lonsdale side

A freighter heading for the

open water of Bass Strait


Torquay Surf

Torquay Beach





the extreme edge of land before
a steep slope or a body of water

The Bowl

Mt Stirling

1725 metres or 5659 feet above sea level.

A few metres in front of me is the brink of a steep slope

that forms one side of the area known as The Bowl.

The silvery-grey flora, down in The Bowl,

are Snow Gums that were burned

in bushfires about ten years ago.

Commemorating firing of

The First Shot of World War 1,

100 years earlier, from

Point Nepean National Park,


August 5th,


And now the world is nearly on the brink of a third World War








Point Lonsdale lighthouse…

…is easily visible from Point nepean…upper left corner.

It was from Fort Nepean that my Grandfather

was part of the gun crew which loaded and fired

this barrel at the German freighter the Pfalz

as it tried to sneak out of Port Phillip Bay,

a mere 5 hours after War had been declared

in London.

In 2014 the gun emplacement from which

the shot was fired was to be restored.

Hopefully that is now completed.

During the commemoration families laid wreaths

to commemorate their  ancestors.

Every time I enquired who could lay the wreath,,

I was given aa different answer.

My aunties, daughters of Grandfather, and I

selected the answer we liked most and

were the rebels of the day.


Making the day more authentic a freighter arrived

at around 1240 appearing to dawdle until,

we suspect, they were told there was

a loaded canon ready to be fired

in its direction at 1245.

The FIrst Shot, World War 1,

100 year, Commemoration,

Point Nepean National Park,

Portsea, 5th August 2014,

at 1245 hours










(of a thing) not able to be found
because it is not in its expected place


On August 5, 2014, at the commemoration of

Firing of the First Shot

of World War I…




…these pelicans provided us with a flyby

in what I imagined was

a missing airman formation.


I guess imagination is a

weird and wonderful thing.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Missing











Point Nepean flag pole at the 2014

Commemoration of Firing the First Shot

of World War I,

August 5, 1914,

at 1245 hours.


 Geelong Football Stadium

home of the

Geelong Cats. 

Sadly the art work is no longer.



Technically I believe my Kalahari Scrub Robin

is in the wrong half of the frame.

It should have room to run into.

However to include its shadow

the rule had to be ignored.



Living street art in Melbourne.



A Photo a Week Challenge:….Off-Centre









the whole series of past events connected
with a particular person or thing.


I doubt that my Grandfather, or any of his colleagues realised that

they were making history at 1245, August 5th, 1914

when they fired The First Shot of World War 1.

Nor would they have contemplated that 100 years henceforth…

…their descendants would gather at Point Nepean…


…for a re-enactment of that day to remember fallen loved ones

and those that had their lives shortened

after serving in The Great War.


One Word Sunday Challenge:…History