Black and White Challenge.


An old repost to begin with.


Luna Park Sydney.

I maybe pushing the shop front theme,

however, it is one of the most easily

recognised frontages that I know of.


Melbourne Cricket Ground shop front

as seen by the publc.

The Young and Jackson Hotel is famous

for housing Australia’s most

famous nude.

She was valued at AUD$5,000,000 in 2015.

Follow the link above to read more.


Only in London.

Just had to be included today








Black and White Challenge.


Ladders…of sorts

A helicopter was the ideal way to see

all of Victoria Falls


The Grand Staircase at Paronella Park,



Hot Air Balloons

Steps at Melbourne’s

Southern Cross Railway Station.

Fortunately, there are also up and down

escalators, as well

A few years ago this was the view

from street level.








Black and White Challenge.


A helicopter was the ideal way to see

all of Victoria Falls


Diesel engines pulling rolling stock.


Vintage Car

Farmall Tractor

Motor power paves the way

for pedal power

Vacuum Cleaner

A nail gun has a motor of sorts.

Last, but not least,

a vintage wedding car









the phenomena of the physical world collectively,
including plants, animals, the landscape,
and other features and products of the earth,
as opposed to humans or human creations.

Torquay surf.


…seas at Torquay.

Near Torquay, I captured this wave as it broke

making it appear larger than it actually was.

This scarred African landscape depicts other Victoria Falls sites

created as the Zambezi River eroded away the rock face

of previous fall sites.


The Devil’s Cataract, in the foreground, and on

the Zimbabwean side of the Falls is said to be

where the current falls are beginning to erode

the rock face thereby creating a new Victoria Falls.

At 7cm per year, we will be visiting the current site

for many more years.


Mother nature appears to be holding the sun,

not wanting it to rise from the water.

A spectacular rural sunset.






full of energy and life.



Vibrant is a good adjective to describe Murano.

Even though it was raining

Murano was still full of life.


Yellows, blues and orange create

a very vibrant image.


The colours of…

…these parrots…


…are also vibrant.

Zimbabwe dancers at Victoria Falls.



A Photo a Week Challenge:...Vibrant











Drakensberg Mountains

South Africa

(Sausage Tree Safari Camp)



In 2012 we visited Cairns…


…and the Great Barrier Reef,  and…

…also the Daintree River.

Two years later we visited

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe


in 2016 during a European holiday…

…a visit to the Colosseum was on the agenda.

on the Bay.



Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:...Black-White*

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Leya:...Black-White

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Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina:...Black-White





The Anglesea River at Anglesea, Victoria.

Just before it empties into

Bass Strait.



Tropical waterfall near Cairns

in Far North Queensland


It was the dry season…


…so not as much water…

…however still a spectacular sight…

…from land or air at

Victoria Falls,




Hopkins Falls,

Hopkins River,







Not a lot of water however, Victoria Falls

still made magnificent viewing.

The arrow is highlighting a local spear fishing.


Geelong at sunrise.

Nearly sunrise.

From our front door.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Magnificent