I know I declared last week a tough selection of words.

 However, this week it is the opposite end of the scale.  🙂

Nothing to dramatic about a fisherman

out to feed his family…unless…

the river is a bit wider than the first photo indicated…

and he was only a few metres from a waterfall.


And not just any waterfall,

but what is considered, by some,

to be the largest waterfall in the world



While they are not the widest waterfall

or the highest waterfall,

but with all dimensions taken into account,

including almost the largest flow rate,

they are considered to be

the biggest curtain of falling water in the world.

Surpassing the magnificent Niagara Falls and Iguacu Falls.


Spanning 1,700 metres and varying from

70 to 108 metres in height and listed as one of

UNESCO’s seven natural wonders of the world

it is the ideal place to

‘go fishin’.’  🙂

Nearly forgot to add,

we visited in late September…the dry season

and there was only

the Devils Cataract and the Main Falls

with any quantity of water flowing over.


Thursday’s Special: Zoom-In-Zoom-Out


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Letter-Z


My contribution for

this week’s challenge


(Needs to contain the Letter Z anywhere in word)

Dozing pooches

The Rainforest Cafe at Victoria Falls,

in Zimbabwe.

Map of Zimbabwe World Heritage Site at Victoria Falls.

 Up stream from Victoria Falls

on the Zambezi River

The Zambezi Helicopter which took us over the Falls.


I just could not let the Letter Z pass by

without a photo of

the horse in striped pyjamas,

could I?


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Flying


My contribution for this week’s



All photos related to flying this week.shadow_0411

We are definitely airborne as our shadow shows

at Maun Airport, in Botswana.

We spent the next hour flying over the Okavango Delta.

Would love to return.


At Victoria Falls it was an optional extra to

climb aboard the helicopter to get this shot.


Not a very good shot of a helicopter over Corio Bay.


No need to ring 000 or 911, this is garden art near Geelong.

Have often suggested that we have one in our front yard,

but hardly get the words out before

a resounding ‘No!‘ is heard. 😀


Finally, this ‘shot from the hip, which turned out

much better than it should  have.

This helicopter was relaying the Cadel Evans Bike Race

back to a television studio which then

broadcast the images to a world-wide audience, so I was told.

Google tells me it was broadcast to these countries.

Britain, Eurosport Player (online), Africa (Live),

Belgium (L), Portugal (L), Japan, France,

Turkey and Eurosport Asia.

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Crawling-or-Flying











Blyde River Canyon at Bourke’s Luck Potholes.


Caused by erosion and not a great photo,

this depicts previous faces of

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

as it works its way upstream.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Cut by a River


Weekly Photo Challenge-Scale


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Today I bring you a big, strong, six-foot plus, fisherman.

victoria-falls_0357Right now that looks like a really cool spot to be.



victoria-falls_03571Still looks like a good spot to be on a hot day.



victoria-falls_03572White water?  Maybe not so good…but cool.



victoria-falls_0358In case anyone is wondering why I have included a water fall,

zoom in on the photo.

Our fisherman is still there…

just dwarfed by the size of Victoria Falls.



Weekly Photo Challenge-Refraction


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



According to Google the definition of refraction is as follows.

the fact or phenomenon of light, radio waves, etc. being deflected in passing obliquely
through the interface between one medium and another or through a medium of varying density.
  • change in direction of propagation of any wave as a result of its travelling at different speeds
    at different points along the wave front.
  • measurement of the focusing characteristics of an eye or eyes.

This roughly coincides with my school science

memories of refracted light…

“…when light passes through glass or water it bends

 according to the density of the water or glass.

However, when it exits the glass the light beam is

parallel to the original source beam…”

rainbow_0333We often look up ‘up’ at rainbows, however,

this is the first time I was able to look ‘down’ at a rainbow.

This rainbow was caused as light was refracted as it passed

through the spray caused by water tumbling over Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

I must admit that I cannot see all the colours of a rainbow…

but I think it qualifies as a rainbow and refracted light.