Back in the late ’50s early ’60s…

…it seemed Captain James Cook was the

only historical mariner who ever

visited Australia.

Visits the Northern American west coast

were unheard of.

So it was somewhat of a surprise

to find a statue commemorating

his visit to British Columbia in 1770.

More of a surprise when I noticed that,

had it been a public event, I could have

attended the unveiling in July 1976

I wasn’t far away.

Camping in Canada’s

Rocky Mountains

in Alberta.

Sculpture Saturday




This yellow hemisphere

represents the sun

at the beginning of

Anchorage’s Planet Walk.

Each step in the Planet Walk is equal

to the distance light travels

in one second

(300,000 kilometers or 186,000 miles).

In other words it takes around eight minutes

to walk from the Sun to Earth

which is the same time it takes

the Sun’s rays to reach Earth.

This means that five and a half hours after

leaving the sun visitors arrive at Pluto.


Sculpture Saturday