Black and White Challenge.


Some Canada in BW.

Waiting for the Rocky Mountaineer at Lake Louise station.

Mike Wiegele’s…

Blue River Resort.


The view from our veranda at Blue River.

Stunning in colour or black and white.


Cees-BW-Photo-Challenge: Open Topic






During my working life as a Professional Woolclasser

one of the main things we focussed on…

was how a fleece ‘handled’, or how soft it was.

The softest and best fleeces were branded AAA.

Those not so soft were branded AA, and so on.

I could guarantee that every fleece in every bale,

with a AAA brand on it,

would be one of the softest handling fleeces

of the clip.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Handle



The third or fourth night of our Canadian travels… 

was spent at Mike Wiegele’s

Blue River Resort

in British Columbia.

The resort’s accommodation

is set in idyllic surroundings.

And this was the view as I stepped out

the front door of our cabin.

Breath taking…in my opinion.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Setting