The Mermaid’s Daughter


Ann Claycomb



There are not many books that I do not persevere with, and even less that I ‘toss out’.  However, The Mermaid’s Daughter by Ann Claycomb joined this small group  of  ‘toss outs’.

I had forty-minute round trip drive with a new ‘book’.  So I commenced The Mermaid’s Daughter and noted that there were multiple narrators; four, to be precise.

The narrator had lost me within two sentences.  I groaned at the detailed description of a cocktail party where ‘real glasses’ were being used ‘not plastic’.  The next sentence was describing a prepubescent male body and I am not going back to see if my hearing was impaired.  To the best of my knowledge there was no segue, or link, between ‘real glasses’ and prepubescence.

Shortly thereafter, and as I began my return twenty-minute drive, the next chapter began with a new narrator.   That was the end of it.  I pull over and selected another book.  I have often stated that narrators can make or break a book.
The two narrators I heard did nothing to help this book.  The Mermaid’s daughter may be a good read however, in my opinion, the audio version failed.

While writing I have noticed that The Mermaid’s Daughter is described as ‘Chick Lit, Fables & Fairytales, Literary Fiction’.  I have read some authors who write ‘chick lit’ and I will admit to enjoying those books.  However, had I noted ‘fables, fairytales and, Literary Fiction,’ I would not have borrowed this book.

A book I do not finish can only rate one star.

My ‘one star’ rating joins 44 other like minded Goodreads Readers.

I think

The Mermaid’s Daughter

is aaudio book.

However, my rating is based

on a very small part of the book

At the time of writing my review

Goodreads readers have rated

The Mermaid’s Daughter

an average of 3.69 stars,

from 1,443 ratings and 307 reviews.

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